02 March 2007

There are a few heavy pebbles weighing down my pockets. I can't quite seem to get them rallied into a one place, scoop them, sort them, and let them all go. So, for the time being, we will talk about the sorts of things we call do together around this city to get in shape and give back:

St. Patty's Day Dash: Go Here to sign up to help support ??? (I have no idea what this run supports. To be perfectly honest I go for the beer garden and giggles and costumes.

21st Annual Big Climb for Leukemia: Go Here to register. You can create a team with a group of people or just climb on your own. I see this as a perfect opportunity to give back and get your rear ready for bikini season. Oh, and how often are you in the Columbia Tower?

Multiple Sclerosis Walk: Go Here for more info on the walk and how your can participate.

The Pacific Northwest has the highest incidnece of MS then most anywhere else on earth


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