10 October 2007

Did Anyone notice that tonight's sky looked like it was painted by Bob Ross?  The clouds were were perfect "schwoop, schwoops" and mountains were happily sitting close to one another, friends for a lifetime.

I've made a promise this winter to stay warm as often as possible. I am far too old to convince myself that running around in a party top in the dead of winter (or the early fall for that matter. burrr. It's been cold, huh?) is a good idea. Or bearable. I have been on the hunt for 1) a longish sweater in black and 2) a "puffy" coat in black, with or with out a hood. I wanted something reasonably priced, and not to "juicy couture". I wanted something devoid of bells and whistles and opulence. Not easy to come by in this day-in-age where more is better (glitter, fabric, logos, buttons, etc.).

Good News. I FOUND THEM!

I found the Jacket at Kohl's, original price 160.00 on sale for $100.00 (purchased by my mother, Thanks Mama!), Kohls online or in-store.

Ben Sherman Cable Knit Sweater, $144.00, Kuhlmans on First Ave in Belltown.

If you need me. I'll be here and there staying warm, simple, and fashionable. If we happen to bump into one another? Let's dash into the first place that warms bourbon the old fashion way and tell stories about when we thought we knew it all.


Anonymous Becky said...

Just the other day I was running around telling stories of when I knew it all... and at the time, I did. Funny. ;)

3:04 PM  

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