15 October 2007

A long time ago before Rock and Republic branded asses with a GIANT obstructive R  - I was romantically involved with an amazing pair of low slung, dark washed, thick as can be denim that made any ass righteous. It wasn't long after I found my lover that they made the move  - as most once fantastically cut denim labels eventually do - to the mass mass market. And to do so, you must create an insignia so your denim can be 1) copied by low end retailers and 2) recognized from more than 100 ft away.

As you know, I'd given up all hope on great denim for fall, thinking we'd, ehem, I'd be stuck in black trousers and dresses for the next few months. Until...I took an evening walk yesterday and stumbled into Kuhlmans (I know I have been talking and loving Kuhlmans a lot lately, but I have to say they are the last of the original lovely boutiques in this city that have not sold out to insanely high prices and Juicy Couture or BCBG. They continue to have high quality unique pieces that are brought into the store with purpose, reason, and with a high amount of thought involved. Plus they have shop boys and girls who actually know what they are talking about.), again. I discovered Kasil Denim for women. Now I totally aware I am like a year late on this. And, I have been aware of Kasil denim for that long (the dater owns a fantastic pair). But its just now I have tried them on. and wow. Just wow.

I am fond of these, Kasil Gwen

and these, Kasil Haley

Both ~ $200.00 available at Kuhlman's. They have limited stock.

(I did notice they run a bit big as they are meant to be worn low on the hips, so I went a size down as I am too old to be slinging things on my hips)

You  can't see much of a difference in the photo, but trust me, when you have them on your body they are TOTALLY different. They are well cut, thoughtfully tailored, with well executed color and texture. Each with the right amount of stretch. Thanks Kasil. You've restored my faith that good denim, really good denim, is still available for purchase.

ps- Who do I know in Dallas?


Blogger dactyl said...

man i miss you.

and that first pair of jeans appear to be sporting a fantastic camel toe. yup, that's all i can see now.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

That is an ABSLOUT CT. And it seems to have a case of elephantitus. sick.

And, boy, do I miss you.

Hey, do you know who I know in Dallas? You know how I am with these things.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous dactyl said...

DO you know someone in Dallas? i have no idea. i certainly know no one in Dallas... alas.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Weird...I noticed the moose knuckle right away as well. What DOES that say about me?

I'm a fan of Earnest Sewn, and yes...the mass produced True Religion. Whatever....my ass looks 17 again in those.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Karen, You had me at Earnest.

A great place to find those beauties on sale and on line is:

ShopJake.com. I'd try to find somewhere in your home town, but it's been to long since I've been to the south :)

8:30 AM  

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