18 October 2007


I have now purchased several colors of the Wanted Ballet Flats from Shoe Pavilion online. I can't help it. Everywhere I step someone asks me if I am wearing "tory's". If they only knew...

Oh, and, it seems most colors are sold out in the 7-8 size range. I've made friends with the manager of the SF's store who has all sorts of sizes not available on the Web. If you need the hook up, email me and I'll pass along the info with the notion that you will keep it with the utmost confidence.


I'll be at the Post Secret Reading this evening at 7:30 @ Elliot Bay Books with my BFF (one is never to old for a BFF). Then we're off to get Crepes and Vino on the Hill at 611 Supreme. Come say hello and we can lock pinkys and transmit secrets telepathically. I'll keep your secrets tuck right underneath my collar bone just in case you need them at a moments notice


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