22 January 2008

I've been composing the same blog since Sunday. I haven't taken the time to finish it. Instead I've been flirting, lounging, and blowing bubbles in the crisp winter sun shine (Can you believe this weather Seattle? Please don't spread the word that our city is so lovely, I'd like it best if you and I keep it to ourselves.) while composing my new inner sound track. I'll finish the blog that actually has important information in it this evening, promise.

For the time being, go to Precocious in Madrona (on the corner of 34th and E Cherry) and buy yourself some bubbles and meet me down the street for a hug and a kiss on each cheek (for good measure).

Wonder Bubbles @ Precocious (34th and E Cherry in Madrona, 98122), $2.50


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