03 August 2009

A few of my/our stops over the past few months...

(I had all these pathetically witty and (almost) perfectly crafted paragraphs about a few of these place that I have loved to love over the past couple of months. And then, magically, like the Internet does sometimes, I lost every-single-one-of-those-words.)

So, now here is just a plain ole'* list. And really? I've come to learn, after all these years that less can be more, more than less of the time.

Verdis on Capitol hill (This shop was opened by a former nanny who has a serious obsession with fine clothing. AND she opened during the worse recession we've had in, well, our lifetime. Go. Bask in the glory of her amazing taste. Venna Cava, Kova&t, Fairlyrobin, Twelfth Street and Andrew Marc - all delicious and all specifically selected to be cool on a number of different levels.)

Bossi and Ich Ky in Pioneer Square (like many other well thought out boutiques in this city, it's closing. And, it's likely shutting it's doors int he next few days. At the very latest, the end of August. Almost the entire store is 70% off. She has Dresses, denim, and well structured leather pieces that would will make you squeal.)

Anchovies and Olives on Capitol Hill (Another perfect restaurant by Ethan Stowell. If you haven't been to Tavolata or How to Cook a Wolf you should be ashamed of yourself. To make up for it, go to A & O. Have the Eggs with Smoked Tuna and the Mussels. Admire your plate before you taste, it's art. Art that comes at a recession proof price and that's made with swagger. The menu changes ALL THE TIME - So go often. Sit near the open Kitchen, if you can, and watch the magic.)

Seattle Deli between here and there (something about the summer leaves me obsessed with Vietnamese food. Pho in particular, but pretty much anything that is sweet and hot and packed with fresh watery vegetables - I love. Seattle Deli is between my house and his and when I running from either place to the other, I stock up on Lunch and Dinner on the cheap. It's good for your body and your pocketbook and our city's small businesses.)

*Other things I love that are best, plain ole' - without any bells and whistles: PBJ's, kisses, Chuck Taylor's, Ahi Tuna.
Seattle, I've decided you are much like greedy mosquito during the summer time. You pack yourself full with as MANY events as possible, which leaves you moving slower than in the fall and winter months. You invite all sorts of people to come over the bridges, on the trains and even some on giant giant ships. And, finally when mid September hits, you explode, leaving somewhat icky remnants of what you've be sucking up all summer. And even though the splatter is really quite gross. The obnoxious humming stopped and you are back to normal. With all the people who know you without all that greedy pursuit.

I gotta say Seattle, I like you the best when it's just you and I (and the rest of YOU, you know who you are). I'm sort of hoping mother nature will fast forward to fall, because really, it;s my favorite time to live and love.

Like I said before I've been eating and drinking and shopping love. And, I've spent very little of that time alone (which is fine by me). And the best part about eating and drinking and shopping love, is that I have the chance to show my love how much I love this city and why.

And, in a bit, say tomorrow? I'll have a pretty list of places I love to love even with all these people in our city.