28 February 2009

I'm about as decisive as a gnat these days. As soon as I decide up I'm already on my way down. I can imagine it's wearing thin on my friends.

I can't quite commit to much of anything but time on my couch. And even that has become harder and harder to do.

I wish I had something fabulous to tell you about our city this weekend, but the reality is, not much has been all that impressive these day. For Gods sake, I've fallen in love with GAP T-SHIRTS.

I plan to pull out all of my Spring Staples this week and do some wandering around Greenwood in hunt of the perfect Margarita and Mole.

Tonight? I'm catching a cab in 3 minutes for Dicks and then off to the Chapel to hurry the evening along. If you have any inspiring ideas for March, let me know. I hoping that garden of rock and roll boys with whiskey on their breath sprouts soon. Life's been a bit underwhelming lately.

Oh, and Seattle, Please try to be as bold and as honest as possible. There is simply not enough time to beat around the bush. And last time I checked, we're all big kids here, we can handle the truth.

27 February 2009

I have been living in these t-shirts. They are perfectly light, perfectly cut, and come in 75 million colors.

They run a bit big ("boyfriend fit"), I opted for the XS.

On Sale, 2 for $30.00 at any Gap Location. Or on line, for $10.00 ea.

They really are your next favorite recession proof t-shirt

24 February 2009

I firmly believe in the Power of Love. And lately, I've been a bit taken with the power of the written (and then in turn) the spoken word.

There is something about oral tradition that I truly connect with. The way we deliver what we have to say can change a someones life. They way they see things, the way they see us, the way they see themselves.

Recently, A friend and I were blogging our unforgettable experience in Washington DC. He made a note on his blog that was emphasized with the word "fuck". He was gleeful when posting and said, "I love that I have my own blog, and I can use the work "fuck" and no one can do anything about it." There is something to be said about being able to say whatever you want, whenever you want, with out serious repercussions.

And, in this space, I've promised a variety of things. There have been times where Fashion and This City have taken precedence over Life, Love, and Me. And there are times when I wonder, dear readers, what you prefer most. But, the reality is, I say what I want to say when I want/need to say it. And, that is the beauty of this little place. I get to do and be and say - whatever I want whenever I want.

This is a long winded introduction to what I've been thinking about more often than not these days. The older (and might I say wiser) I get, I feel more and more a grave responsibility as a human being, to be and say and do as I require of others to be and say and do.

I feel a severe responsibility to make sure, my path, and for that matter your path is the best it can be. Although I may not always have this mentality on the forefront of my mind, I mean to. And, I guess this all comes full circle to this little space. And whether or not you read these words to find out where the best/newest/most fun place to shop and eat and drink are, to feel less alone in heartbreak, celebrate or reminisce in your twenties, or just plain be entertained. So, whatever it is - I hope that you know, I'm here, stringing all these words together in a haphazard way because I care about you. And how you, in your own way, can (and likely do) make a difference.

As silly as it sounds and as over used as it is, this quote rings terribly true:

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good
therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can
show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me
not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this
way again.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I promise, this will be the last of the emotionally wobbly posts for quite some time. Because, I just finished thumbing through Vogue from two Countries and a stack of recession themed fashion magazines and revamping my spring closet. We've got some serious fashion to discuss.
I have something to say about Ed Hardy, Fibbers, Trench Coats, Fathers, and Prom. Please stay tuned. You and I internet, we have a date set for this evening at 8:00pm.

23 February 2009

I firmly believe in the power of love. Because for a quick second this weekend, I stopped. And almost everything that I am melted for a milasecond.

Also, I'm not a quitter, at least with some things.

21 February 2009

Excuse me life?

When did you become so fantastic?

I must have been sleeping when you decided to snap out of it and become great again (I'm thinking it was something after 11pm on Thursday)

I'll be headed here for brunch with a newish friend to talk fundraising and running.
Then, I'll be moseying around U-Village cashing in on a 20% discount at Zovo Lingerie and flirting with spring dresses at Anthropologie.

At some point, I'll be the girl floating between in Volunteer Park and Bell Town trying to bottle the sunshine in a mason jar. When we pass each other, let's sit knee to knee and tell stories that make our hearts skip a beat.

And, tonight? I've been asked to arrange an evening tour of Seattle. Which for me, is like winning an award. I've been racking my brain of the best way to show off our city after the sun goes down, in the best way possible. I'll let you know what I come up with.

18 February 2009

Has anyone ever owned Theory Accessories?

I am considering these (available at Gilt.com, to members only):

Jeri Strap

Vella Lounge

I am also considering these, more Economical, options (each a cool, $12.99 @ any Target Store):

15 February 2009

All the things I had planned out for this weekend aren't all coming to fruition. But, other more - lets say - important things are getting done.

And, tomorrow when I have dotted all my "i's" and crossed my "t's" I'll tell you all about it.

In the mean time, I'll be in the streets finding out what Seattle's easily forgotten, want to be remembered for most.

oh, I also got a new pair of Jeans, because, when things aren't super duper, denim and vodka and running make me feel better. This time, denim won.

13 February 2009

It's been a long while since I've felt like much of anything, let alone the girl I like to be most. And, almost as suddenly as she left, she reappeared. This time with a more confident hair cut and another relationship under her belt. If there's any chance you'll be some where in Seattle this weekend, you'll likely run into her and her squad of equally as (re)juvenated counterparts.

Tonight, I'll be HERE (again). I've got a date with MeMe, the Sauna and Ben.

Tomorrow, We'll be skipping somewhere between the Ferry Terminal and a restaurant hand in hand signing Katy Perry with Whiskey on our breath. And, because some of us aren't quite over it, we'll be at Neumos watching love burn.

Sunday, Ikea, Seward Park, and dinner at List (the old Apartment).

Monday, Me vs. the Mountain.

12 February 2009

I'm not normally one to click on the side advertisements while perusing FaceBook. But, the other day I did, and thank the Lord so.

The Gilt Groupe provides access to coveted designer (and cool designer) fashions for men, woman and children - mostly up to 70% off.

You should become a member HERE. I did, with a bit of hesitation,as most of these site's send you mail daily that has either a) unwanted, out of season items or b) pieces at prices I wouldn't pay even after a few martinis.

I genuinely recommend the Gilt Groupe. I love their philosophy, their selection, and their prices (they are truly at at discount)

Today, because today I really needed something more than what I had, I got these two three items.

Ali Ro, Halter Dress, ($130.00, signally $330.00)

Ali Ro, Silk Cascade Ruffle Top ($70.00, originally $198.00)

Hunter Wellies, ($58.00, originally $145.00)

The Site tells you whether or not the cuts run true to size or not. They have smart smart buyers who try, wear, and then tell you all about the item. If I have to shop on line (and lately it's all that I've been able to do - with all my favorite boutiques closing), I'll do it with Gilt.com

11 February 2009

I have completely forgotten it's valentine's weekend. In my opinion, this silly little holiday is for Lovers and Singles alike. I fall into the category of the latter. There will be lots to do this sunny Saturday, and I can promise it'll be much more fun if you do it with me. Why? I'll be hiding a flask of Whiskey in my Balenciaga.

Stay Tuned.

Oh, and if you're not single but like to have fun, you can come along too. Afterall, I don't hate love (or those who are in love), we're just in the middle of a little spat.

10 February 2009

Tomorrow at the W HOTEL (1112 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101) dog owners and lovers alike will take over the lobby for butt sniffing and face licking and schmoozing. CoCo and I will be there along with the fabulous Isabella and her equally as fabulous owner Corrie.

Come say Hi!

08 February 2009

Things I did this weekend:

Had dinner at Canlis with 60 other people in celebration of love.
Danced at Neighbors.
Played Poker for Charity.
Ate, a lot.
Kissed Babies.
Cuddled with dogs.
Bought enough running gear to last another year.
Sang Happy Birthday.
Installed blinds on my window (You are welcome neighbor ;)).
Fell in love with Kid Rock.
Went on a date with my mom and dad (best date I've had in a long while, truly. Parents are the BEST wingmen. They'll toot your horn louder than ANYONE else).

Hey Seattle, what did you do?

07 February 2009

Apparently? I did not post AT ALL, NOT ONE POST in the month of October.


I love you. Thanks for sticking around while I selfishly did whatever it is that I did in the month of October.

Most sincere apologies,

06 February 2009

I've spent the better part of the last 4 years searching for a hair stylist. I had one in the early part of my twenties who cut and colored me every 4-6 weeks. I loved him, the salon, the people. And then, life got busy and driving to Northgate for a cut seemed near impossible. Since, I have gone everywhere, literally. Back roads and main streets; barber shops and beauty parlors. I thought, for a moment I found the perfect stylist, and I did - but with short hair I have to go in every 4-6 weeks for a cut. And, since my stylist was severely talented, I eventually couldn't afford to go. If you need one of the best haircuts Seattle has to offer, go see Glen, Steven or Jessica at the Gilt Edge Society (on 4th and Bell, in bell town).

But, if you're anything like me, and need your locks lobbed more often than not (or if you prefer a kind greeting and a latte when you arrive), please visit Reghan at 7 Salon (in Pacific Place). I never though I'd be a girl who goes to a massive salon for anything, let alone a hair cut. But, she is good, and I mean really really good. Remember how I was searching for the girl I lost somewhere in mid December? We'll with the help of Reghan, I found her!

Reghan is smart, talented, and a perfectionist. She was wearing a fantastic Norma Kamali frock and had pumpkin stained lips. She's affordable ($50.00/cut), flattering ("you are a hair-stylist's dream"), and intuitive ("did you just go through a break-up?") After the cut was over, we were both so giddy and excited about it, we fumbled over our words and good-byes, like a perfect first date.

I'm going back to update my color the Tuesday after next. If you need a free cut, email me, I have a stack of cards from Reghan that'll allow you to experience her and her cuts for free, the first time.

04 February 2009

Err....one more thing.

Please grab a tissue and a glass of Champagne. The lovely Annie is closing the doors at Tulip. She's been outfitting Seattle's finest for the last 7 years. It'll be hard to walk down 1st ave without having her shop there.

Please stop by this weekend to say "thank you" and empty a bit of your pocket book on her outrageous sales.

Her discounts are as follows:



EVERYTHING MUST GO! Terrific prices on a great selection of merchandise.

Extended hours this week:
Monday – Wednesday 10am – 6pm
Thursday – Saturday 10 am – 7pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm


Thank you for everything, honestly.

Please read City Stimulus while I hibernate. They are on the up and up. Kudo's to you lovelies at CS.


ps- I love Boat Street Cafe. It's like a whole new world 12 steps off of Western. I'll surely be there for a Happy Hour once I stop sulking.
I am still sick. Runny nose, achy body, stiff joints, and a rasp in my voice that would put Phyllis Diller to shame.

The one thing I have had time to do is watch TV. So, you can guess how interesting my thoughts must be. I have a weekend planned at Salon Dewi (lash tint and infrared Sauna - recession proof pampering); Canlis (the long awaited nuptials of my mother's best friend and her philanthropic partner); a stack of children's books on democracy, feminism and Barack Obama for my 10 month old niece; Steak tar tar and a long awaited catch up at Lark (apologies in advance for the loud chatter and howls - we can't help it); and a couple of hours at Ikea for window coverings. I am fairly certain my new neighbors are over seeing me half naked arse.

I'm missing a little bit of me. Maybe it's this cold or the fact that I've been pretending not to be jarred by the break up; but somethings got a hold of the girl I used to be. I'm hoping to figure it all out by mid February, because I refuse to start March feeling less than me.

ps- some of you have asked about my NYC purchases. I promise to have photos and links up soon. At least before most of what I go it out of season.