30 December 2006

Every single person should have a toast with Vouve sometime tomorrow. The best place to get Vouve is Cost Plus, its insanely inexpensive which makes it taste that much better.

Vouve Clicquot Brute, Yellow Label, $38.00 @ Cost Plus (2103 Western Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 443-1055 Holiday Hours:  9am - 6pm Dec. 31)

28 December 2006

I wrote THIS several months ago...and I am not sure I even know who this girl is. I can recognize her profile and her voice inflection, although I have a firm reason to believe that she has taken a long vacation. She may have left a few valuables behind which I don't mind assuming every-once-in-awhile.

27 December 2006

The thing is with the earth is that for a great while, she'll catch your every step and applaud your every word. She'll be your cheerleader and whisper things like "great job" and "you can do it" in your ear. And then, all of a sudden, just when you thought you needn't watch your step, the ground will get soft and you'll sink just enough where you have no choice but to ask for her help to get back onto solid ground. And the two of you will go into lengthy conversations about how a while back you made a promise to make sure "this" wouldn't happen again. And she's just being the friend you asked her to be by reminding you that each step, each word, each thought has to be on point.

and its those soft reminders that leave stains on your elbows and knees and sometimes your chin. From here on out, I've decided not to let the stains disappear completely - and use them as pigmented reminders that life's not as perfect as it seems.

So in the mean time, while the stains fade, I'll be here in this city creating some solid ground for you and me to walk on (preferably on our way to a bar and a boutique).

26 December 2006

Despite what you all are planning in wearing for NYE you will all be (or should be) wearing underthings (honestly I have no idea what I'll turn out in. I have half a mind to go against the norm and rock some denim and a basic T the other part of me dares to take chichi  to the next level with a one-of-a-kind something or other.) A few of my favorite pairs can be easily found in this city and the GREAT thing about it that all the places to find comfy and lovely panties are within a stones throw of each other.

Honeydew Micro Fiber Cross-Dye Boy Short $14.00 @  BelleFleur Lingerie Boutiques (720 N. 35th Street (In Fremont) Seattle, Washington 98103 (206-545-0222)

Honeydew Microfiber Camisole and Thong Set $32.00 BelleFleur Lingerie Boutique (720 N. 35th Street (In Fremont) Seattle, Washington 98103 (206-545-0222)

Ummm...can you see why these are great? The cut, the fabric and the prices. Clearly these to do not last forever but you can certainly find something whimsical and flirty for a special occasion and not feel guilty about spending big bucks on unders you may never wear again. But trust me, these are that comfy that you'll want a pair for every day of the month.

Please tell the ladies at BelleFleur "hello" for me - everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable and lovely.

On the other side of Fremont and price spectrum are these:

Only Hearts : Delicious with Lace Low Rise Hipster  $30.00 @ Les Amis (3420 Evanston Ave North, Seattle, Wa 98103, (206 - 632-2872)

Only Hearts : Delicious with Lace Low Rise Thong $25.00 @ Les Amis (3420 Evanston Ave North, Seattle, Wa 98103, (206 - 632-2872)

Only Hearts : Delicious with Lace Empire Camisole  $68.00 @ Les Amis (3420 Evanston Ave North, Seattle, Wa 98103, (206 - 632-2872)

You absloutely have to try these on to appreciate the design. They cut in the most perfect spots and do not show their lines even the tightest of tops.

24 December 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Soon my day will be full of almost all of the people who bring out the very best in me. I can’t wait to sit and take all of them in and check off another year of memories.

My Christmas came early this year and when I finished "unwrappig" this is what popped out of the box:


That beautiful thing above is my dashboard to creativity. My open forum to all things Blogging. Really, I am not trying to brag or anything, but I may have the best Dater this side of the Mississippi. If you see him out and about - give him a high five or something - he really really desirves it.

Laer this evening I will be melting myself into a giant bowl of vodka soup at TIni Biggs. If you are around, come say hello and we can show off our Christmas gifts. Tini Biggs (100 Denny Way Seattle WA 98109 (206) 284-0931)

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you are bound by love, laughter and family. And, I hope Santa brought you something real nice like a boyfriend or a car or the BEST latte you've ever had.

Pardon my absence. Someone procrastinated a bit with their Christmas shopping and has be quite busy finding all sorts of trinkets for stockings and whatnot.

I am Still on the hunt for this:

Mr. Potato Head (Star Wars Edition) $20.00, Toys R Us (414 (Northgate Mall) Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 361-1101).

My Christmas came yesterday evening (!!!!!) You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what My Dater got me, because right now, I have just enough time to kiss my puppy, stuff some stockings, and tie some ribbons.

Happy Wrapping.

21 December 2006

I woke up this morning feeling less than me. I had a conversation with a girl who doesn't realize that alls she has to do is speak and I feel much more like myself. And in the spirit of feeling more like me than I did when I woke up I wrote something on one of my most favorite authors. And because I am running on the "lesser" operating system my post was deleted and sent to some obscure place that I now, can not find.

And now, I am busy with real life work, so you all will have to wait a moment until I can drudge up all the right words all over again.

In the mean time - Please read the Funniest Christamas Letter Ever Written

20 December 2006

There must be something with the way the moon and the stars and the earth are aligned. Why you ask? Weird stuff is happening. Odd texts have found their way into my in box. The Words, The Worry, and The Giggles have taken an unapproved vacation and I forgot a birthday. Birthdays are tightly stitched into the most memorable part of my brain. Because when I was a little girl I had no fear greater than my birthday being forgotten. No matter how much my mother planned, spoke of and reminded me of "my special day to come" - I couldn't quite get over the fact that there was a chance she might forget.

And, here, I've done it. I am a day and a half late for Kelly's 17th Birthday. And we all know turning 17 is pretty damn exciting, as you can drink in Mexico and get into NC-17 movies.

Kelly likes root beer and tuna; good steak and Office Space. Both his Left and Right brain are equally as smart. He has been to all seven continents and can air guitar to the entirety of ACDC's Highway to Hell. He's made it his personal mission to make you laugh and not just a "ha, that was funny" laugh. But, a deep down "thank God, I need that” belly laugh. He gives amazing hugs.

Happy 17th Birthday Kiddo

19 December 2006

This piece of jewelry brought tears to my eyes
(lately that has been a fairly easy thing to do. You see, its just that over the past few weeks I haven't felt much like me. The Words and The Worry and (sadly) some of The Giggles have seeped out somewhere and no matter how many times I request they return, they refuse to do so. So instead, I have been covering up the hot streaks the tears leave behind with a giant smile, in hopes that you all won't notice I am without my usual ammo. Not to be concerned, I will forever be reaching for all the things I want and need with my fingers spread wide in`hope that I may catch greatness on the way).

This is literally one of the most beautifully crafted bracelets I have ever seen.

Alex Bittar Hand Crafted Lucite Bracelet $238.00 @TWIST Seattle (600 Pine St # 130 Seattle, In Pacific Place, (206) 315-8080)

And this time around I am sharing the web site, because there isn't a lot of Alex Bittar to be found in this city and it'd be an awful shame if you didn't at least own ONE of his pieces. Run HERE quickly and grab something schmaltzy for New Years Eve.

Oh, also. A big HOORAY and a shot of southern comfort for my lovely Cousin Jamie. She finished her last final yesterday which puts her one step closer to becoming a sinfully powerful attorney with a heart of gold. Happy Celebrating J!

18 December 2006

Hey Everybody!

I hope this finds you with power, heat , and a fridge full of fresh food :)
These have nothing to do with the power outage or the storm or the flooding. But they do make me super duper warm and fuzzy inside.

Sigerson Morrison Boot $715.00 @ PED (1115 First Ave. (Bell Town), 206-292-1767). Oh - And, Bell Town didn't loose a thing this weekend. So I know the folks at PED would love to let you warm up while you try on a few things.

Oh, also My Dater will be playing at few places in the next few weeks. I'll let you know when and where soon. But in the mean time you should take a listen HERE. I dare you to not dance at your desk (the third mix is my favorite).

16 December 2006

Today I am at a bit of a loss for words. It may be that my belly and my heart are full. It may be that I have spent the past hour melting into my daters couch and flirting with my puppy. It may be that tonight I get to celebrate a birthday of a girl who holds a special place in my heart. She's a gal who allowed me to stand atop her feet while I relearned the dance moves of a girl in her early twenties.

And this evening we'll be meeting at a geriatric hour for steak bites and gin and tonics and all sorts of laughs because that is what Meagan likes best, in that order.

I promise to drudge up some good words for you all soon. Sometimes we have to let things go away, and if they are truly meant to be, they will find us again. And as the story goes they usually return refreshed and fully committed.

Happy Saturday Kids. This evening, do me a favor, find yourself a dance floor and really truly shake it like you mean it.

14 December 2006

I am running in three different directions of busy. Despite my hurried ways all is well and lovely in my world. I feel like love has taken me, wrapped me in cashmere, spritzed me with Chanel, and we are skipping through the last parts of 2006 hand and hand

This evening I will be here:

Solo Bar (200 Roy Street, Seattle WA, 98109; 206.213.0080)

I 'd love to see you for a jack and coke and some air guitar and story telling. Please come!

At some point in the next 48 hours or so I will be nose deep in my Webster Dictionary looking for a new way to say "I love you" because the people that I say it to on a daily basis really do deserve more than three words.

12 December 2006

Last night I was at a Cocktail Party where almost everyone (except Your's Truly) were wearing cocktail rings. I felt sort of left out. Luckily there are enough cocktail rings as there are places to get cocktails in this city. Here are a few of my favorites:

Michelle Leane Ring @ La Rousse (430 Virginia Street - Seattle, WA - 98101 - P 206.448.1515)

Rebecca Lau Cocktail Ring $120.00; Impulse Seattle (3516 Fremont Place North Seattle Washington 98103)

Bask Extra Large Green Quartz $147.00; Something Silver Bellevue Square (274a Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA. 98004 Phone: (425) 462-5261) Be sure to say "hi" to my BFF Kate if you visit the Bellevue Store. She'll be the one who is over accessorized and in charge.

Magpie Cherry Quartz Cocktail Ring $90.00; MERINGUE BOUTIQUE (385 First Street, Suite #121 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (503) 635-1063) -this is reason enough for a tax-free-road-trip-to-Oregon.

Cheers to GIANT rings and Vodka Tonics; hangovers and Manicures.

11 December 2006

In the Other Space, I wrote frequently of a part of my life deemed the October Stew. It was a moment in time wherein, for the lack of a better term, "the shit hit the fan". However it wasn't all that funny or easy to write off. It was a point in my life in which I was left mostly alone to whisper and sing and dance all by myself. I can remember wanting nothing more than for the weight, that heavy heavy burden of self reflection and being better, to crush all my bones into diamonds. Then I planned to rebuild on a solid, slightly prettier foundation. I can't say I am totally complete, that all the surfaces are shiny and ready for sale, but I can say I've grown considerably.

Oh, so what I am getting at is that, this evening, in celebration of the Holiday's I will be hand and hand with some people who know the dusty version of myself. The girl I was before the one I am now, decided to take the lead. I am a bit nervous to come pleasantry to pleasantry with some of these faces.

I am not quite sure what to expect. But I do know that I am armed with a
lovely pair of boots, pockets full of positivity and confidence, and the sheer fact that I am growing and changing and promise to do so forever.
On Friday, In an attempt to make myself feel better, I set off to Capitol Hill for a pedi and a shop. I was on the hunt for a skirt that had been flirting with me from the display window for a good two weeks (review of VU soon to come). I figured nows as good of time as any to woo it to my closet. Well, I got a bit side tracked by This Place. The Galactic Boutique (1213 Pine Street, Seattle WA, 98101, 206.749.9167) is owned and operated by a lovely man who designs all sorts of funky and practical things to fill your home and your desk top. My most favorite thing about this place were the prices (and the music and the upcoming craft events):

I took the initiative in ordering a few of these for my new couch:

Chocolate Pop Pillows, Galactic Boutique, $35.00 (You can also do custom made)

I also got a few of these to scatter a top my bookshelf

Pod Vase, Galactic Boutique, $3.95

Also to be purchased, bright and festive holiday decorations (perfect for package topping), silk screen T-shirt and (once I hang more shelves) - more votives!

Seriously, it's like whimsy and sassy got together and procreated a baby girl and named her Galactic Boutique.

07 December 2006

Dear Me,

I can't lie. the past few days have been the sorts which I'd like to hang above my fire place. No tinsel or twinkle lights or decorative frames needed. If you could continue with this loveliness I'd really appreciate it. It feels like every moment is one to celebrate. Friendships feel stronger, work feels productive, love feels real and never ending.

So what I will be doing is reaching out with my fingers spread wide to insure that I don't miss a thing. My pace will be slow and I promise to inhale everything you exhale. Thanks Me, you're doing an okay job of being yourself.

High fives and a pat on the back,

This Sunday - My BFF and I will be running in the Jingle Bell Dash.

We plan on dressing ridiculously and indulging in some sort of warm vodka bevy afterwards. Hey. It's all for a good cause. Oh-and, our outfits will come from American Apparel. The best place for all things cotton.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Criss-Cross Short Sleeve Unitard, $38.00 @ American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102(206) 709-8100)

Unisex Nylon Taffeta Wind Breaker, $42.00, American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102(206) 709-8100)

We'll be the girls singing Maria Carey's Christmas Album for the entire 3.2 mi.

05 December 2006

My Puppy danced across my notebook while I was in the corner admiring my new table (!) and thinking of all the yummy things I can place on it and the story's we can tell. I have to say, it's a perfect addition to my new little space. The only thing it needs is a few wine glass rings - then, it will fit in fantastically.

Tall Table @ Crate and Barrel, University Village (2680 NE 49th Street
Seattle, WA 98105 (206) 937-9939)

Oh,so what I was saying. That Promise I made to fill you in on my weekend that you were supposed to be able to swoon over Monday Morning, will have to wait. It's almost tomorrow. And to be quite honest I'd like to relish every last moment today has to offer.

Happy Birthday Miss Moo.

The girl on the left changed my life and I have a pretty good feeling, one day, she will change yours. I am hoping for president or biochemist, but I have a feeling she'll be causing a ruckus in a much different way.

When Alyssa was 3, and quite a force to be reckond with, she would see me out at the end of my day, thumb in mouth, red faced with either excitement or anger, strapped to her mothers leg she would casually say "don't forget me" amongst her giggles and screams. She still says it for the sake of nostalgia, and I reply as I always have - "Never, little miss, never".

At the all knowing age of ten (!), Alyssa surmounts most adults in her ability feel, reason, and learn. If I could extrapolate every bit of love I have for her and turn it into glitter, it might be enough to cover the entire world twice with a little extra to sprinkle at her feet.

The older Alyssa gets the more I see her parents in her. She is determined and sensitive; bright and creative. Its odd to see someone grow up- and to know that the few moments we had together (really that is what they are in retrospect) will inevitably shape her as a adult. There will be stories she tells of her nanny Amanda and how we crafted and cuddled and made believe. How together we learned that life is not always fair, and you should ALWAYS wear clean underwear and chew with your mouth closed. Maybe she'll tell her college friends that broken hearts heal because she has seen it happen. I am hoping she will pick her girlfriends wisely because she will know that in midst of all the chaos they will make her giggle. She'll know that her heart is the most important thing to protect and what shoes to wear with her Capri Pants. The world is so so different from her point of view. I do my very best to see it her way as much as I can.

I sometimes forget how that little decision to become a nanny has changed my life. Beyond all the measurable things (college, cars, career, travel) I learned about a love that I never knew existed. I learned that it is indeed possible to love someone else as much as you love your own family, unconditional and with out expectations. And in turn the love that is received back, smells sweeter and shines brighter. The kind of love you think about bottling up and saving for a day when you don't think it's all worth it.

03 December 2006

I have actually been out and about buying and eating and experiencing cool things. You will all get a glimpse into my lovely lovely weekend first thing tomorrow. Because right about now, I am two yawns past sleepy and have grand plans to tuck myself (and my puppy) into bed and do my very best to string the perfect parts of this weekend together and hang the garland on my headboard - with twinkle lights and mistletoe (of course).

There are few of you people out there who I admire greatly. You all are looking at yourself bold faced and making changes. I applaud you. Oh, and, some of you are getting busy in back seat of cars and falling in love AND you all know how I feel about love (it truly truly is what makes the world go round) - please for the greater good of mankind, keep it up.

01 December 2006

Red for a Reason. It is World AIDS Day. Wear red.

LAMB Cashmere Hoodie; $195.00 @ Nordstrom

GAP inspi(RED)T-Shirt; $28.00 @ GAP

Cargo Lip Gloss in Bora Bora; $20.00 @ Sephora

GAP inspi(RED)Long Sleeve T-Shirt; $45.00 @ GAP

(more to come on this later, I am INSANELY busy with real work, humh.)