26 August 2008

Somewhere around my 10th or 11th year of life I stole 50 + dollars out of my mothers Dooney and Burke hand bag. I was caught and (from what I remember) denied the theft. Then later (again as I remember) threw myself into the arms of my dad begging for forgiveness. I don't recall paying the money back. But I remember the immeasurable amount of guilt and shame I felt, even to this day, I feel terrible for rummaging around in my mothers hand bag.

Last night, I received a customer service email from adameve.com that my order for anal beads, a sex swing, and hydro bunny dildo had been shipped to my home in Louisiana.


Clearly I didn't ship any of these things* to my non-existent home in LA. Nor, would I ever buy these nor much of anything on line. My credit card info had been stolen and used to make un-authorized on-line purchases.

You all know I am girl who prefers to shop in real life. Meaning person to person, fashionista to designer, patron to owner. The last thing I bought on line was Maggie Mason's book on Blogging (which I only know because I checked my pay pal account this morning to make sure). I even by my concert tickets in person.

The shop-in-person-only-snob who wants more than anything these shoes -only available only to me on-line - can't have them. Why? Because she canceled her credit cards like a responsible victim of fraud would do. And, Because Karma's a bitch.

Loeffler Randall Blythe D Ring Bootie @ Pinkmascara.com, $307.30.

Mom, I am sorry for stealing the 50 dollars (errrr...and not repaying my overspending my first time in Europe. If it matters, my Todds bag is STILL in just as fashionable today as it was in 2001.)

*If you'd like your own beads, swing, and hydro bunny. I recommend you visit the Gals Babeland on Capitol Hill (707 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122)

25 August 2008

ps -
tonight I'll be topping off the last week and four days with an evening in the rain with my BFF2, Thai Food, and this gal.

We'll be at the (sweet) NECTAR (412 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103) by 9:42.
Over the past week and a four day's I've been a busy busy broad. I've sung my first Karaoke Song at The Dubliner ( 3515 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 ,206.548.1508) (well past the age in which someone should be trying new things such as Karaoke), Visited the La Rousse Sale and snatch a pair of Tag Denim, that I am convinced, traveled all the way from 1973 and stocked up Park Vogel T's at 40% off, Chopped off my hair at Kismet Salonwith "Val the Gal"; Rear-ended a nice un-expecting couple while dancing to Bone Thugs and Harmony "First of the Month" (with no damage to either car); noshed at Boat Street Cafe (an entirely different world on the cusp of belltown and uptown @ 3131 Western Ave) on fiercely tasty (apparently rare) green peppers and cool gazpacho with scallops; Gotten a bit more lost in love.

I recommend all of the above to any person who, on a regular basis, enjoys fun things. I especially the love part - it's by far the most fun.

Park Vogel T, $68.00 - discount, @ La Rousse (430 Virgina Street)

13 August 2008

Dear Miss Turk. Hey Trina! Hello Trina Turk.



I am totally looking forward to (finally) meeting you on Saturday*. I am crossing my fingers for mimosa's and giggles, because that is how I always imagined we'd meet. I'll be pulling something from my archives to wear - I hope you like it!


*Trina Turk Trunk Show @ Down Town Nordsrtom, Saturday Aug 16th 1-3pm.

12 August 2008

Remember the "great find of nostalgia" I came across at Marilyn Berg? Well, they can also be purchased at Cost-Co for 39.99.

On my way to get TP and Muscle Milk I noticed a flock of brightly colored T-s neatly folded next to a stack of Adidas running shorts. Ed Hardy's Christian Audigier fitfully designed some super cute-hack-around-the-city-in-style-T's for the Masses. Found ONLY at Cost-Co (cost-co @ the 4th Ave S. Location, near SODO)

The fit is excellent and so far the T-s wear and wash well.

Mom, this time I beat you to the cost-co deal :)