23 November 2007

I've got a lot to report. Really I do. However I need to have a good motivator to sit down and get it all out. Because it's a lot more fun to run around collecting goods and stories than it is to tell/share them. I'll do it soon, I promise.

In the mean time. I've got left over pie and a hilarious Thanksgiving Day Story. So, if you know where I live, come on by. I'll melt some extra sharp cheddar over your apple pie and make you pee with laughter.

13 November 2007


I did all those things I said I did, however now I am sick. Rung out, sore from head to toe, clawing kitting in my throat sick. So, It'll all have to wait. Sorry.

Oh, one pieces of info. DREAM (3427 Fremont Pl N Seattle, WA 98103 Phone: (206) 547-1211) is having a sale. A really fucking good sale. If you don't go, go ahead and pin a scarlet S on your shirt. Better yet. Tattoo it on your forehead. I'm not even going to tell you what is there, you should just go.

God. Sorry. It's the cold medicine.

ps- Tell Niel I send you :) And make sure you ask JJ to help you. She's new, sweet and going to be REALLY great at what she does.

07 November 2007

I am in a coffee shop and there are two girls giggling around a cell phone. On the other end, a boy named Grant whom one of the girls has a crush on, "maybe". They keep passing the phone back and fourth, threatening hand holding and "meeting at the park later". They are sipping frapped coffee drinks iced with whipped cream and picking at teeny tiny cupcakes.

There is enough flirtation in the air to send a hot air balloon afloat for a day a night and another day.

Next time I make my way through the Sculpture Park, I'll be sure to toss in a wish for them in hopes that heartbreak never makes it's way into their butterfly filled insides.

*apparently this call was initiated to answer why "He" was awkward on the phone the last time they talked - 5 min. ago.

06 November 2007

This morning I made my way to Queen Hill to See if a upholstery shop that I loved is still open - It's not. Does anyone know where Soft Coverings has gone?

Either way, I came across 3 new places I plan to check out this week/weekend.

1) mes amis (321 W. Galer Seattle, WA 98119, 206-283-6064). 2 blocks away from the Trader Joe's (which, btw, is the best Trader Joe's in Seattle. I feel like I am shopping at some ritzy fritzy super expensive grocer in NYC when I am there). This is a lovely little doggie boutique that seems to have everthing from sporty outer wear to kitchy printed T's. They even carry the brand of food I feed my little girl.

2) Via Tribulani (317 W Galer, Seattle, WA 98119, 206 264-7768). I have friend I always call for restaurant recommendations. You can tell him you want a first-date-not-TOO-romantic-sea-foodie-with-good-beer-on-tap-and-interesting-wines-but-public-enough-so-people-can-see-your-hot-date restaurant and he will know where to send you. He USUALLY recommends Via Tribulani. I plan to finally check it out now that it's located closer to my hood and of course get the fungi-something-something for an starter.

Er, that's two. I am totally aware. However the third thing on my list is a gripe. WHY the HECK is there a Pete's Coffee and Tea going in where the Ravenna Gardens used to be on the corner of QA N. and Boston? Anyone? Does this mean (crosses fingers) Starbucks is FINALLY moving on? I doubt it. But I do have to say - I think, the LAST thing QA needs more of, is caffeinated private school moms running around. Can someone talented and creative please open a reasonably priced boutique with interesting denim and never seen before foot wear? I promise I'll be a loyal customer.

02 November 2007

Last night I went to be at 8:00pm (not on purpose, I laid down to rest and woke up at 10:40). Skipped out of bed to join the dater at Mini's for some French Toast and bacon and headed back to sleep at 12:30am.

I am, by no means, an example of chic urban living. But I promise all of that will change this weekend. I plan on hunting down denim, eating out, and cuddling with art.

Stay tuned...