30 April 2007

Yikes Seattle!
There are not enough hours in my day to do what I’d like to do. I have a lot to say about - The Fremont Market, the Internet, dog training, and Love.

Please stay tuned for new and exciting POV from yours truly. Recently my Dater noted I should "stick to fashion" and for that very reason, this little space will be sprinkled with a lot more than fashion in the upcoming weeks. So, if you like it or hate it you have HIM to thank.

Also, this lady
and I share an astrological sign and mutual friends. She is sassy, funny and has all sorts of opinions about things happening in this city. Seriously. Check her out.

26 April 2007

apparently I have been carrying the weight of my world on my shoulders. I hadn't realized mother nature had begun to balance her heavy heavy burdens on me. It wasn't until I stood still, took a deep breath and focused fully on what it was that was so darn heavy that I understood she was presenting me with (yet another) lesson. After the exchange of a few words and some research on my end, I realized that I'd had this heavy weight for quite some time. And by evenly distributing it though out my body I hadn't quite noticed it was there. I hadn't quite realized it was there AND unnecessary. You see, Mother nature as burdensome as she can be, usually lets us know when things aren't really as they seem. I've begun to unload the majority of this weight - and soon enough, I'll be floating along as my usual self (inflated with love optimism and good old fashion fun oh, and and vodka)

In the mean time, I am moving some of that weight into a lovely summer (Yeah,I said it -SUMMER) tote:

Kate Spade Poppy Griffen PVC tote, $195.00, Nordstrom Down Town.

Old Navy Cross Body Tote, $12.50, Old Navy (Down Town Seattle)

Orla Kiley High Summer Tote, 125.00 GBP ($250.00 USD - yikes), Tininha's Boutique(617 NE 35th Ave Seattle, WA 98103, 206.985.6772)

Target Straw Market Tote, $14.99, All Target Stores.*

*By the way, there are some REALLY cute bags at target, I mean, like super cute. And with the way summer rolls in and out of our city, why spend buko bucks on something that is sure to dangle from your forearm only a few times a year? Shop smart people.

25 April 2007

It's been a few twilight's since I've stopped by to say anything. But the reality is, I don't have much to say. I am feeling quite private with some and wide open with others. And all that wide open conversation is meant just for me and them.

I can tell you that My Dater rocked it on Saturday night. And, if you were smart (or in the need for an amazing time and some dancing) you'd head to Trinity on Friday night to see him play.

Until then, enjoy the afternoon sunshine (I've been spending my evenings at the Olympic Sculpture Park exchanging heartfelt words and giggles with the people I love the most. Oh, and if you have ever doubted Seattle is a friendly city - I promise a walk through the art will change your mind. You'll get  (at least) 10 hellos - and hopefully one will be from me.)

20 April 2007

Recently I've been on the hunt for Birthday Presents, Baubles, Bubbly, and Boys.

Here are a few of my favorite places to find some of the above:

Burnt Sugar (for Birthday Presents) super cool knick-knack’s, books, bags, shoes, paper products, AMAZING cosmetics (601 N 35th St Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 545-0699)

Blue Water Bistro (Bubbly) can't take it to go, but why would you when you can be face to face with Lake Union, the sun shine, and Sea Planes. (Lake Union Location)

Bliss (Baubles) - Bliss has a fantastic line of necklaces shaped in an "O". They come in silver and gold for your neck your wrist or your ear. They remind me of that song ..."Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold...." sweet and nostalgic and lovely. (3501 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, 98103 - (206) 632-6695) ps- say "hiya" to Ben, he's the best shop boy in Fremont.

See Sound Lounge (Shameless Plug for the TWO birthday parties I am hosting this Saturday). I can promise boys in all sorts of shapes an sizes with all sorts of different smiles and all kinds of mischief up their sleeves. (115 Blanchard St, Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 374-3733)

19 April 2007

(dear Internet, the last few days have tested the very best and the very worst of me. There are all sorts of lessons swarming around above and I haven't had quite enough time to sort though them and learn. As soon as I get my wears about me, I promise to let you in on the secret. Thanks for being here Internet, sometimes I need someone who won't throw me any curve balls, and most of the time, that's you. you're pretty great Internet, thanks.)

If you were me you'd...

Believe fully and whole heartily in the power of love.
like milkshakes and sushi
wish on stars
prefer flip flops to heals
buy your t-shirts here
this guys music would blow your mind
love daises, lilacs, and surprises
Be here on Saturday night
hug strangers
wear your heart on your sleeve
Covet these

turn left as often as possible
desire  Blond Ambition

17 April 2007

I have become increasingly more worried about our world.

I can say, that learning of news such as this drives me to muster up every last bit of optimism and love and release it in droves.

Even with all the words necessary at my fingertips, I don't quite believe enough in my smarts to empathetically string them together.  

16 April 2007

A year ago today, I woke up with a hot dog in one hand and a headache to boot. I had spent the previous evening celebrating the end of Tax season and running rampant through the greater party parts of Seattle. I spent the day coloring Easter eggs and working off  my hang over via champagne and giggles. Later to be drug out again for more dancing (this time less drinking).  
I was working on a budding friend ship with this TALENTED GIRL and was most interested in learning about her. However, with Tara comes a well rounded, artistically inclined group of people. It was impossible to simply get to know her.

She drug me to the dance floor with the promise of several memorable moments.
And little did I know, that showing up on that dance floor a year ago would completely and wholly change my life for the better. That I would meet that person, and in only a couple hundred days I would understand why people get married, why they promise to be the best person they can be, why they hold hands when they are falling asleep. Little did I know in just a couple of hundred days  I would better understand the girl I am to become. Little did I know I'd find someone who isn't afraid to show me, me. I had really no idea what-so-ever that I'd come across real life, true as true can be, love.

Someone once wrote that summing up her child's personality was like trying to "describe a rainbow to someone who has been blind their entire life". I feel the exact same way about this love that I have experienced.   Because I have heard it all before. "this love thing, you gotta try it." And its the one thing you can't quite understand until you are in  it. Until you have the hand of the person who can turn you inside out just by breathing. You just don't quite get it until you are forehead to forehead with that person who are sincerely and eternally thankful that they were born. 

Happy one year since our first "hello" homeskillet.

15 April 2007

I hope you all are out and about enjoying the lovely lovely weather!

Remember, a bit ago I talked about our worlds and how sometimes they come crashing down? I spent the better part of today seeking out the glitter and rebuilding one little speck at a time. And just by spending a few moments knee deep in rubble, I began rebuilding quite a desirable foundation.

Let's catch up after sun sets and swap stories of all the fun we've had today. I'll be right here waiting with a glass of chardonnay and an ear.

13 April 2007

A few sunsets ago I commissioned a friend to write something about music because she is the girl who opened up my little world and showed me how music can really truly change you. How it can move through your body and take over everything you thought could never be.

I had originally asked her to write something on music so I could be inspired and write something of my own. But today, I can't seem to muster up the right words (I can't tell you how much I wish I had the right words to say all that needs to be said about music and how it lives in the deepest part of you and how when you least expect it a certain beat will drive you to the point of unreserved elation and how that beat probably meant something to someone else too and just knowing that you are sharing that feeling with someone else makes life that much easier to take on) So, I give you hers.

(commissioning Tara to write about music is like sitting across the table from Madam Prada and asking about design or holding hands with Andy Warhol and learning about creativity... well almost...oh, and you have GOT to see her on the dance floor, it's proof that magic exists.)


is time spent with a best friend. someone that knows you inside and out and makes you feel alive and amazing every time you're with her.


is an opportunity to let it all go and be totally in a moment. to let your outsides reflect the bursting joy inside of you, and to let your feet give all the explanations.

music brings out the very best in you. if you close your eyes and listen, music will provide the background for every important moment in your life.

when music is playing, out loud or in my head, i can't help but move my feet... my shoulders... my hips... and only in unexpected moments of true release, will you even find a random hair toss in the middle of a dance floor.

the dance floor is my home, music is the fabric and the carpet and the wood that holds it all together.


12 April 2007

Because I am part hippie (if you have ever: gone vegan and rock bottomed at Dicks one drunk night, sworn off leather for a few months, worn Birkenstocks, tried to grow out your armpit/leg/bikini hair, been to a DMB concert more than twice, wanted a Volkswagen Beatle pre 2002, or yelled at a stranger for not recycling her Diet Coke can - you can consider yourself part hippie) I have always had a love for tie dye. Mind you, fashionable, Prada-esque tie dye. I have a few pieces I refuse to part with and with summer nipping at our heals the idea of tie-dye becomes acceptable.

Miu Miu Hand Bag, $1,595.00 (yowzas!), Barney's Of New York (City Center, 5th Ave Seattle, Wa)

This Gal inspired me - She's decided to bring Napping Back. I'm on a mission to bring (tasteful) Tie-Dye Back. We all know that Justin brought The Sexy Back.

What are you brining back?

11 April 2007

I vowed this week my calendar would be clear so I could take the time to knock off the things on my list that have left me overwhelmed and wishing the worst (a very backwards point of view for me). My calendar is plainly and beautifully empty until I get things around my apartment in order and looking normal.

the thing is, I am the daughter of a Southern Woman who can clean a toilet so well you'll ask to eat off of it. She cleans well and she cleans fast. And when we were children we were not allowed to clean anything but our bedrooms. So, as an adult, I have an instinct (or retribution) to clean like a Southern Woman jacked up on electrolyte infused water. I'd like to announce (DU-DNA-NA-NA): my apartment is clean, closet organized, bills in order and new decorative ideas in cue.

I still plan to spend the week with myself (and my puppy). Our fist outing will be a picnic dinner this evening in My Neighborhood.

A tisket, a tasket, here is what's in my picnic basket:

Garlic Shrimp, Pasta and c. $7.99/lb, Pasta and Co. (2109 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, 98109 - (206) 283-1182)

Tomato, mozzarella, basil salad, $8.99/lb, Whole Foods Market (2210 Westlake Ave Seattle WA , 98121, 206.621.9700)

Baguette, $3.99, Essential Baking Company (2719 East Madison Street Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 328-0078)

Vouve Split (perfect for two), $15.75, Cost Plus World Market (2103 Western Ave, Seattle, 98121 - (206) 443-1055)

Thomas Paul Plates, $8.00ea, Velocity Art and Design: (2118 2ND AVE SEATTLE WA 98121; 866.781.9494)

Glasses, Vintage, Priceless, all glassware from my parents Bar. (I did find a few at a church rummage sale)

VINTERBÄR Quilt, $39.99, Ikea (600 SW 43 St Renton, WA 98055, (425) 656-2980)

Simply She Affirmation Hoodie, $ 34.00, Burnt Sugar Seattle (601 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103, (206) 545-0699)

Ipod Nano stuffed full of Lilly Allen and My Daters new mix on C89, $199.00, Apple Store (2656 NE University Village St, Seattle, 98105 - (206) 524-8100

10 April 2007

After my day of thinking in Miami my skin had absorbed more sun than it could handle and I was left a wee bit burned. Over the last couple of weeks the red turned tan and my skin has never been more dry. Luckily it has forced me to explore the world of extreme moisturizing. Here are my *new* favorites.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps, 19.9 fl oz $42.00, Kiehl's(2611 NE University Village Street Seattle, WA 98105 (206) 985-4414)

Ren Grape Seed Shea Moisturizer, $29.00, @ Cepia Dermotique (2737 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 443-0100)

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ( I use this all over!), $25.00, @ L'Occitane (2629 NE Village Ln, Seattle, 98105 - (206) 529-0801)

09 April 2007

Today instead of words, please join me in a deep breath. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose. Hold it. Exhale through your mouth. Repeat.

See? You feel better already, don't you? I know I do.

This week I have a calendar full of nothing but quality time with me (and some with my dater).

I forgot to wish you all a Happy Easter, my apologies. I hope the bunny brought you baskets full of giggles and clarity tied up with a pretty gingham bow.

06 April 2007

I am pretty convinced that when God created Seattle he reached into the very best parts of his pocket, pulled his very best gems, said a pretty fantastic prayer and tossed them into the sky. Because tonight? it was one of those star filled magical nights - filled with all the right people and all the right music and all the right words and all the right giggles - that could only be this perfect because they happened in this city. The only thing missing? My Dater, My BFF and my puppy.

Hey Internet friends, if you ever have a chance, pop into my city. We'll hold hands and giggle and I'll show you just how perfect this city really is.

05 April 2007

If I see you today and ask if you'd mind swapping shoes and eyeballs, please don't be alarmed. I am desperately trying to shake this wretch inside of me and need someone else's perspective.

The dancing (albeit fantastic) did not work. Neither did the jagger-rita or the ice cream.

04 April 2007

The Hopelessness is still burrowing in my gut and its been so kind to ask The Anxiety to join it. Regardless of my efforts, I can't seem to shake this feeling. What is certain seems uncertain and what is uncertain seems certain and the flip flop of emotions are wrecking my normalcy. The worst part is, it's all for no good reason. I think this is Mother Nature’s test to see if I am indeed keeping on point.

There are a few things I can count on when The Uncertainty is around. One of those things is This Place

See Sound Lounge (or SSL as it's know by the regulars) has been my favorite Bell Town watering hole since it's opening (almost) three years ago. I never have a bad time at SSL. Cute, personable and funny bar tenders. Fantastic resident DJ's like DJ Johnny Fever and DJMB. On any given night you can waltz in and find owners Bryce and Kristi hanging out with the regulars. There are plenty of singletons roaming the bar, you can dress as comfy or sexy as you'd like (without receiving a stare down), and the cover is rarely over $5.00.

Tonight - this Fancy Broad will be celebrating 24 years 1980’s Style. Lucky for the rest of the City - 80's night is EVERY Wednesday. And, a few Saturday's from now, My Dater will be sandwiched in between This Guy and This Guy rocking the dance floor. I'll be there holding down the back section for TWO Birthday's. If you ever plan on heading into SSL, come on the 21st (don't worry, I will remind you).

If I can't dance (which I plan to do PLENTY of this evening) this hopelessness out of me - then I am afraid I'll just have to haul up and figure it all out all on my own.

03 April 2007

Somewhere between last night and this morning my insides got all twisted and decided that hopelessness would settle in.

Sometimes keeping as busy as possible helps with warding off uninvited feelings. So, later today, if you need me, I'll be at home diligently gluing tiny shiny objects to tiny silky things in hopes to create something that everyone will love. I have decided I feel my very best when The Creativity is flowing.

I plan on debuting my wares @ the THREAD SHOW SEATTLE

First, you should most definitely buy your ticket now. Second, be prepared to be wowed. I found so many new and lovely designers last time - I promise you won't be disappointed.

This was a HIT last fall and should be equally as fantastic this spring!

02 April 2007

I have grand plans to write to you all about Anoraks and Parks and The Culture of Blue Water Bistro on a sunny day. But right now, I am melting into the whimsical and kitchy and sing-a-long-lyrics of miss Lilly Alllen, my BFFs new BFF. Lilly makes me feel good about being a (sometimes) bitterly sweet and smart girl who doesn't mind a curse word or a ciggy now and then.

I just opened the M's season with a few of my most favorite people and it was a swift reminder of how much I LOVE being a Seattleite.

ps- these are my people

ps- We are on an island where NO ONE could see us. We were there for fun and only fun via booze and sloppy secrets. Therefore Ugg Boots were acceptable. The ladies in the photo are well aware that Ugg Boots are not to be worn except for reasons of comfort. Please do not wear Ugg Boots. Thank You.

01 April 2007

(this is painfully optimistic and full of all sorts of mush that may require you to step back and take deep breaths just so you don't fill-up with too much goo. I promise tomorrow after the glee wears off, I'll be back to my regular tone. Until then....)

In the other space I wrote a monthly news letter to the previous month. Noting notable moments, lessons learned and recapping experience. It was one of those things that helped me understand what exactly took place over the last 30 or so days. And since leaving the other space I have decided to change things up a bit. But March requires a lovely hand written note with a spritz of lilac perfume.

Dear March,

You were one of those months which required I relearned every bone in my body. I paid more attention to my collar bone and the way my frontal bone protrudes. I spent time on my metacarpals and traced every inch of my femur - looking for answers to some very complicated questions.  March, you were one of those months that required an exorbitant amount of attention.  You brought fourth startling confessions regarding startling subjects.  

I have to say, I am relieved that these pesky little implications were left with yesterday, because they were all (too)  incredibly honest, real and with out airs  - the scariest kind of subjects.  Even now, when I sit and do my very best to get all these moments fluttering around to align so I can put them together and tell you all about them - they have taken to being a bit unruly and ruffled the dates on the calendar. And now, only after a day like today, I've got it  tall figured out and  the dates have aligned themselves into a stick straight line of sequential numbers.

I've discovered that every morning, each time daylight tickles your fingertips she creates a brand new opportunity to be you. That each and every morning - no matter how it is we saluted the moon -  can be 100% brand new - without history or roots.

March, I can feel you in the back of my throat, milling around. Waiting to see if you can make your way into April. But, please, don't think about it too much. I plan on keeping all these moments we've had together pinned to the inside of my eyelids. My heart isn't quite strong enough to forget or (worse yet) relearn all that we learned together.

I've gone ahead and planted a few seeds in your back yard. Be prepared for bands made up of unkempt boys who smell of cigarettes and whisky, late nights, and dirty toes. I have a feeling that you will be one of those month's I'll have to revisit via digital photos and storytelling.

So, thanks again March. And, April?  Please, for the sake of giggles, be a bit lighter then your predecessor. I am falling behind on my laugh line quota.

High fives and raspberries,