15 May 2009


That was fast! That turn around I was (desperately) searching for was in the bottom of a fairly shallow handbag full of a few miles on foot through the city, a plane ticket to Seattle, Green Enchilada's, Chilean Wine, girl talk, and a little bit of kissing.

Who knew?

This weekend I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure this turn around doesn't take an about face.

I'll be hiking somewhere early Saturday morning and ringing in two 30th Birthday's in the evening over home cooked food, bottles of beer, and likely a few crass stories.

Bright and early Sunday, I'll be with a whole bunch of you, attempting to "Beat the Bridge" all the while laughing and laughing and laughing. Then, If I play my cards right, I'll be Cheese Tasting at the Pike Place Market.

Also, I'll be wearing yellow. There's something irreparably delightful about the color. And, really? Who doesn't want to be delightful.

Ombre Pencil Skirt, $88.00 J-Crew (Pacific Place, Down Town Seattle)
I love how the yellow is barely hanging on to the hem. Like someone tried to shake it out and the yellow just too stubborn to fall off completely. Bold and Classy.

Ananas Yumi Mustard Hobo Bag, $358.00, A Mano (1115 First Ave, Seattle Wa 98101)
This bag is buttery and a nearly perfect Hobo Bag. See the little "v" cut? That makes it super easy to reach in your bag and search for your phone, gum, wallet, or cigges (what ever floats your boat) with out stopping and plopping it on a counter, bench or the street.

PinTuck Shirt in Lemonade, $20.00, Old Navy (Online only. And, by the way, I don't recommend ordering just one piece online for air or ground delivery. Think Green. Band together with a host of girlfriends and order at the same time. Plus you get bigger discounts on shipping when you spend more.)
I ordered mine in a larger than normal size. I plan on pinching, gathering, and tucking it into my Kova & T high-waisted denim

You know all of this sorting out all these things that were all out of sorts, only makes life, that more enjoyable once you get over it. And those few days where May and Mother Nature scheme against you? What they're really doing is making sure you're ready for next year, when May comes around again. And for that, you I should will thank them.

13 May 2009

That drifting thing I was talking about? Apparently it was more than just a bit - it was more like a lot. I started 6 blogs in the last week and a didn't care to do much of anything with them.

May has always been a funny month for me. And, I'm not sure why or what it has to do with. But I do know that May has always been a funny month for my mama and her mama too. And by funny, I don't mean laughable. It's a month were you don't feel right in your skin. Where you laugh, cry, worry and think the hardest. Nothing quite feels like your own and everything seems like it should be. May is a very confusing month. Where less seems like more, more or less. But, you can never have enough.

And, it's just when I'm about to give it all up - run off with a Spaniard or hide away in a South Carlina oyster farm - it turns itself around. And we I become my very best self.

That turn around? It's almost here, I can feel it. And it started at the Ballard Market. Lately this little space has been an awkward fusion of confusion, food and fashion. And just as most of what happens in life gets recorded here, most of what inspires me here, happens in life.

On Sunday I fanagalled:

Lamb chops from SeaBreeze Farms from the kindest, happiest, most adorable (married with a baby) farmer
A rainbow of radishes
Vintage YSL grey suede boots at 20/Twenty
Kova & T high-waisted denim
A perfectly ruffly white dress by Plastic Island (both found at Dolce Vita (5323 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA - (206) 784-2344)

So, I guess it's safe to say May is only half bad. Because I'm certain that things can't stay this jumbled for much longer. Afterall, I'm a girl who insists on optimism, fine footwear, and well fitting denim. And with that combination, nothing can stay askew for long.

04 May 2009

Like it happens, I'm drifting just a bit. Not in a bad way, just in 'a' way. I'm totally uninspired by fashion and I'd prefer to have a handful of my nearest and dearest stuffed into my pockets for wine drinking, food eating, and memory making.

I've been reading too many hand written essays and not enough high fashion glossies. I'm still craving nostalgia and great one-liners. I spent most of the weekend in the kitchen - snapping, stuffing, and stirring. A bit of time with my hands in the dirt. And a substantial amount of time laughing. And it seems these day's? It's all I sort of need.

Just wait, a few sunsets from now, I'll be in over my head with new places to eat, drink and shop and have totally forgotten about all this "settling down" business. Until then, if you'd like to feel a little bit like me. Grab a book, a bottle of wine, and settle between these sheets sometime before Midnight.

Martorana Contrada Ragabo Nero D'Avola 2006 wine, $10.00, Pike Street Beer and Wine (518 E Pike St (between Belmont Ave & Summit Ave) Seattle, WA 98122) They are unimaginably helpful and without pretense. The only wine shop I've been to where I don't feel completely brainless.

This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women, $10.00, Elliot Bay Books (101 S Main St Seattle, WA 98104). I'm challenging myself to an essay before the end of my 28th year. I have NO idea where to begin, but I'm swallowing every word in these pages for inspiration.

Italian 464 Percale Bedding, $19.99-$199.99 (On Sale!, On line only), Restoration Hardware (Pacific Place, Down Town Seattle). I am not a bed person. I don't do much in it but sleep. I'm not they type to nap and if I do it's on the kitchen counter or the couch. But these sheets? They. Are. Divine. And more often than not make for a crisp and cool nights sleep.

01 May 2009

If I could, just like all the years before, I'd be sneaking to your doorstep at twilight leaving sprigs of lilacs in hopes that sometime during the night you'd wake up remembering I'm thinking about you.

Happy May Day Friends.