27 July 2007

THIS is one of the most lovely things I have seen in quite some time.

Be sure to check your handbag or back pockets over the next few weeks. There's a chance you'll find a little note with thoes three words and my insignia.

Stay Beautiful Seattle,

more images of this lovely little projectHERE

23 July 2007

A recent (one sided) conversation ala project consolidation.

Dater: "You didn't do enough consolidation. You have two thirds of the bedroom closet and almost all of the hall closet. Your denim is spilling over. ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO WEAR ALL THIS DENIM THIS SEASON?", Says the man with 12 pairs of Prada sneakers.

Yes, Yes I am, and I am adding these:

Denim Birds, Tight w/ Patches @ Kuhlmans, first ave.

Kuhlmans is having a sale, It's worth a go. They've got all sorts of Ben Sherman and some of the most unique watches in town.

21 July 2007

a pretend conversation:

"has anyone ever told you, you look just like (insert supermodel, political figure, actress, celebutant)?"
Me: "Why, yes, ALL THE TIME"

I have this feeling that if you pulled aside any child between the age of 4-17 and told them they are a spitting image of Harry, Hermonie, or (shame shame shame on me) "any other Potter Character" they'd turn inside out with glee. Potter Mania has hit our city and I am currently in midst of all the mayhem. Adults and Kids alike are dressed in robes and hats and glasses. THere is a tree that is posted outside a bookstore with moving arms. I don;t get potter mania. Not one bit. But I guess if I polled a chunk of these fans and asked if they'd be just as excited for a Prada sample sale they'd stare at me blankly. They only thing that could get me this riled up is if Target announced Marc Jacobs would be their next guest designer. Other than that, I'll save my power packed endorphin release for the end of the summer Barney's Sale and IBIZA (!)

What I'm thinking all this hub bub for a book is really quite cool. (Who doesn't want kids to read?) I'm in spired to nerd out this weekend, I'd encourage you to do the same. I'll wear my (invisible) wizard hat if you wear yours. Lets meet somewhere between Queen Anne and Pioneer Square and talk each others ear off about what gets us off. It's time for some passion Seattle.

16 July 2007

a conversation:

Friend: "So...How are you?"
Me: "Uh, I've been eating a lot more protein."

Internet, I need to get out more. This evening? I am grilling chicken for the week, doing laundry and reminiscing over my puppies baby clothes. I have hit the rock bottom of domesticity.

On a hipper trendier note: I sent a message the the cute little thumpers at BunnyShop.org to see if they could help hunt down some cute rompers and jumpers for Ibiza. We'll see what they come up with!

05 July 2007

Tulips Summer Sale sets sail tomorrow.

30 - 50% off all spring/summer merchandise from:

Alexander Wang, Annelore, Bensoni, Clu, Dallin Chase, Hanii Y, Humanoid, Jovovich-Hawk, Lauren Moffatt, Mason, Michiko Koshino, Mike & Chris, Nicholas K, Nili Lotan, Orla Kiely, Puella, Souchi, Trovata, Verrier, Willow... and more

All @ tulip 1201 first avenue, seattle , 206 223 1790.

Please come! It's been a while since we promised to shop together without really knowing each other. This time? I'll introduce myself and invite you back for a shot of tequila and a peek of the Sound off my new roof top deck.

I'll be wandering down 1st at noon-thrity.

Mike and Chris Mini Shirt Dress:

Jovich-Hawk Odetta Romper (I am SO wearing this in Ibiza!):

ps- right now, my puppy is on her new bed checking out her new t-shirt in the window's reflection. She is literally swaying her small little arse back and fourth to find her best angle.

04 July 2007

2007 is our year. Great Great things are happening in my life. Things like marriages and babies and unbelieveable travel. All thoes sorts of thing you include on your high school time line - They are all happening right here, right now.

Oh, and to all of you who wished me a happy birthday -thank you VERY much. I've been an awful gnat not to send individually wrapped thank you's glistening with sincerity. I really do appreciate your Birthday Wishes.

02 July 2007

Sometimes I wish I had butterflies floating on my fingertips if not for anything else but a conversation starter. I've been up to all sorts of thing concerning organization and shoving as much of my clothing possible into a home depot plastic bin. But what I;d really like to be up to in talking with you or someone new, learning your ways, why it is you prefer twilight to dusk and why it is you like your Merlot from the bottle, not the glass.

I'd like to be in wine bars and on boats; planning weekend get aways and skipping through the stinky summer streets of Seattle. I want to discover sand in my stilettos and forget where I left my dress. But until all this organizing is over, I'll be knee deep in questions ("are you sure I can't take just a BIT more closet space" or " I'll need to move your programming books out of the kitchen to make room for my spice rack" btw - it's dean a deluca, there is no getting rid of it) and folding and of course, consolidation.

I did take a bit of a break on Saturday night to hang out with a new friend and a porn star.
In the mean time - go buy a dress. I found some of my favorites for this year at forever 21, IAN, Sway and Cake, and VU (On Capitol Hill.

Forever 21 Dress, 22.99, Forever21.com

DVF Hayley Dress, 298.00, Sway and Cake (Down Town Seattle)