31 March 2007

Tonight My Dater Plays at the W @ 10:30. You should be there, because I can't. I'll be on an island giggling and playing inappropriate games in celebration of a birthday.

If you head to the W - drink and dance a little for me. It promises to be a fantastically fabulous time!

Our Spring sunshine has gone ahead and tucked itself into a slumber for the weekend - I'm taking the opportunity to read up on British Mags (my new favorite thing). Then you can go to Glossed Over and nod in agreement.

30 March 2007

I read THIS. Which reminded me of THIS.

Warning: some of the comments by the callers are cringe worthy - but that makes for good radio, right?

I have more to say - Let's reconvene next week.
More and more my little world is filling up with people who make me feel like 100% me. Where I can be the very strange girl that I am without hesitation - I spent yesterday evening with Alison at the Can Can (94 Pike St, Suite 11
Seattle, Washington 98101 (206) 652-0832) warding off ripe smells and former dates of question (do leather pants and tight black T= gay or greaser?).

The Can Can has been in the back of my mind since I met a friend for coffee mid Saturday afternoon who was STILL nursing his hang over. Burlesque, good food and wine? I'm in.

We nestled into the deeply weird and campy Can Can on BINGO night ( 12.00 cover). And to be honest, I was late to arrive and didn't see the menu or the wine list, so I can't same much of anything except this: I am going back to take in the FULL experience of the Can Can and play some bingo.

Oh, we did head to the StealHead Diner (95 Pine St (Cross Street: First Avenue ) Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 625-0129 - on the cusp of the Pike Place Market) for some fancy cocktails. I had a blood orange Cosmo (with FRESH blood orange OJ and Mandarin Kettle One). Ally indulged in a ginger (vodka) and strawberry (muttled) something-or-other with fresh ginger sugar on the rim. All the juices are freshly squeezed and muttled. The cocktails are bright and yummy and the bar tenders are east coast and friendly. The menu looks questionable - but at the very least I recommend stopping in for a pretty drink and a nice cocktail tutorial . Oh, and hurry before all the tourists show up (yep, it's that time of year all ready).

29 March 2007

This morning I woke to a spray of roses between my toes and cherry blossoms for eyelashes. Spring is flirting with me and there is a good chance I'll flirt right back.

I haven't quite decided my uniform for spring. Last year it was skirts and cardis or high waisted dark denim and a T. This year I am leaning towards (what my mother so adamantly called) "walking shorts", better known as the Bermuda.

So far, I like these:

BCBG Bermuda Short, $148.00, BCBG (Pacific Place)

French Connection UK (FCUK) Bermuda Short, $100.00, Undies and Outies (2212 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 286-1024)

Proenza Schouler for Target Bermuda Short, $22.50, Target (302 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, 98125 - (206) 494-0897)

Kenzi Pintstripe Bermuda, $80.00, Peridot (525 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 284-3313)

I think I like the idea of getting a few which are super tailored - smart and sophisticated. And collecting a few more that are a bit more casual - slouchy and tom-boyish. I like the idea of one style - two looks.

28 March 2007

I’m pretty sure that if I told you the god honest truth, you wouldn't believe me. So what'll do from here on out is show you that I really am this girl who wants to know what’s new and good in this city. I really am this girl who would like to be the first one to know and to do. I want you to hear it from me that this new bar/restaurant/shop is the one to be at. And I can imagine, that if I told you the god honest truth as to why I haven't been that girl, you wouldn't believe me. So, I guess we'll have to start fresh and just show you that I am.

When I was a little girl, I used to take these adventures in mind to places that I had never heard of before. I'd whisk myself away for day long trips and experience new colors and sounds and people. On occasion I'd talk about these adventures to the walls of my bedroom as I tossed and turned and waited for the day to come. Lately these adventures have crept back into my daytime thoughts - which leads me to believe there are new and exciting things to be done out there in this city. This time around, I promise to tell you every detail.

In the spirit of honesty and promises a few secrets about me...

On Sunday I had a beer for breakfast and a vodka tonic for dinner.
I don't mind spiders and snakes, but I hate birds and rats like you wouldn't believe.
I'd prefer to hold your hand first, then ask your name. You can tell more about a person’s ways through hand holding than anything else.
Finding a fantastic pair of denim can bring tears to my eyes.

27 March 2007

Last night while we held hands and took in the sweet air the cherry blossoms have been whisking through the city the past few days, I forgot to tell you that the air doesn't quite smell the same when your not around. And when we were done swapping secrets and wiping each others eyes we skipped down the streets singing, which we both knew was the most perfect thing to do, and the best thing about that is that neither of us had to let each other know to start or to finish. And just knowing that you know my ways without me telling you makes this world a much easier place to live in.

25 March 2007

I spent the better part of today taking in as much sun as my skin would allow and creating all sorts of metaphors for all sorts of  of very (un)complicated (yet terribly complicated) things. What I'd like most, are these complications, these long run on sentences littered with improper punctuation to edit themselves into masterful, beautiful prose. And I've decided the only way to make things readable is to continue on with being this creative-surefooted-passionate-girl that I am and hoping that you all will continue to follow along dropping commas, semicolons and maybe a few exclamation marks on my path to perfection. What I'm getting at is that I am sticking with me, because so far she's done me pretty well.  Also, I decided (somewhere between my third diet coke and lobster quesadilla) that I really truly believe in the power of love. And, If you'd ever like to talk about it and understand why it's the one thing that can carry us through life - I'd be happy to chat anytime - of course over vodka and hand holding.

Oh, also, In honor of South Beach Miami -  I bought a pair of sequin shorts -  similar to the creation Madam Chanel glittered down the runway a few months ago. Except I got mine from a sexshop/tanning salon on Collins Ave.  Madam Chanel would be ashamed but my pocket book is applauding me.

I am heading out this evening, by myself, to listen to dance music for the 4th night this week.  I never thought in a million years I'd be doing what I'm doing. The aforementioned is proof enough that people do indeed change.

24 March 2007

If I even tried to begin the story of Miami  - I don't think you would believe a single syllable coming out of my mouth. We'd have to step into a court room, sit atop a pile of bibles and hold pinkies - because really, that is the ONLY way you'd know that I was telling the absolute 100% truth.

Thanks Miami. It was good, real good.

20 March 2007

That list I spoke of yesterday? It's made itself even more complicated and laughable. I am 100% ready for sun, relaxation and (maybe) a little vodka.

Next time we chat, I'll be just a wee bit closer to the equator and totally loving it.

19 March 2007

Currently, I am knee deep in bubble wrap, dust, dirty laundry, planning, and vanity appointments I am not sure what to do with myself. Somewhere between now and early Wednesday morning I have to complete a list of tasks when read aloud are both daunting and laughable.

If you need me I will be here and there and hopefully moving quickly enough that I don't get stuck somewhere in the middle.

16 March 2007

I received a text this morning that read "IT's a good day to be a rebel."

I totally agree. I hope you all are out and about, mid day drinking, shopping, giggling, and not responding to emails. I hope you are taking in, what seems to be, our very first day of real-life-spring-like weather.

I'm Working From Home with intermittent out-and-abouts for all sorts of non work related things. One of which included a sprint to American Apparel for new T's for my puppy.

American Apparel Dog T, $14.00, American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, 98102 - (206) 709-8100) - the Broadway location always seems to have more Dog T's than the University location

They come in super sweet color combos like: Fuchsia and Lemon, Maroon and Grass, Lemon and Lime, and 50 others!

Then my most favorite thing to do is to head over to B-Bam and have it customized with her name (Miss CoCo-Ling) or something witty and simply like "DOG" or "CUTE".

Oh, hey, almost forgot...

My Dater is playing this evening at The Blue Room @ Trinity. PLEASE don't let Pioneer Square scare you. There is a separate entrance, separate bar, and separate crowd that gathers in the Blue Room. I'd love to see any one of you on the dance floor - it promises to be a fantastic time!

15 March 2007

To better understand the way your work, I create a design for your personality (most of you are some sort of opulent knot with loops and bows and complicated twists).. Your design usually begins with the first time I meet you - your color and pattern and other idiosyncrasies are worked in over our time together. That way when things aren't going as they should, I take your design, change the hue or the pattern or the structure just a bit, and I know exactly what direction to take to make things better. Why? I guess I have learned over the years, that most of the time, the way that I see things aren't always the way that they really are.

I love patterns and apparently so does everyone else. Patterns AND Wrap dresses have infiltrated my favorite shops and my closet. Wrap dresses have taken over fashion. And, for good reason. they look good on EVERYONE and with everything. I wear mine with skinny jeans and pumps; tall boots, flats; thights and leggings; I dress them up and down.

Here are some of my favorites:

BCBG Wrap Dress, $158.00, BCBG Pacific Place (600 Pine St # 115 Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 447-3400)

I love the capped, puff, sleeve on this one - sweet and sexy.

DVF Wrap Dress $325.00; Sway and Cake (1631 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 624-2699)

Max and Co Wrap Dress, $285.00, Undies and Outies in Queen Anne (2212 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, Washington 98109, (206) 286 1024)

Old Navy Tunic, $24.00, Old Navy (601 Pine St, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 264-9341)

Tory Burch Wrap Dress, $320.00, Baby and Co (1936 1st Ave, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 448-4077)

14 March 2007

Honestly, I am swamped. I have a something great to say about Wrap dresses and your character, but right now, I don't quite have enough time to say what I'd like to say with (ehem, my regular) charm.

So, for now, the VERY first and VERY last time you will see/hear/take note of Celeb gossip on this web site.

I'd like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tori, and Dean, and Liam Aaron. They are now a happy little family of four (including MiMi LaRu - her pug)*

*I am only half ashamed of my love for Tori Spelling. I loved her on Saved By the Bell and chanted along with the class of '95 "Donna Martin Graduates". I lauded her television virginity and respect her right to get her blow outs at Fantastic Sams. I am a Tori Fan.

13 March 2007

Sometimes worlds come crashing down and there isn't much you can do about it. And sometimes, amongst all the jagged edged, broken pieces that once fit together so perfectly are teeny tiny specks of glitter. And as you collect those little specks, one by one, your world rebuilds itself to be brighter than it was before.

12 March 2007

Last night and this morning got together and decided to leave a gift wrapped in a polka dot bow, filled with clarity and flirty notes persuading me to stay home today. They promised we could hold hands and cross some things off our list of things-to-do.

This morning on my way to a day with  myself I stopped in Essential for  a coffee and a monet and ran into a girl who I haven't giggled with since before we new cursive writing. This girl and I used to play "mermaids" together. We had extravagant plots of mermaids with sisters, boyfriends, vacations, unrequited love, absent parents and handfuls of everything we wanted as real life little girls. Together we remembered how we'd play this game of mermaid at the most inopportune time - on the soccer fields , in class, in the wee hours of the morning,

"We never pretended at the appropriate time," I said.
"There is never a appropriate time to make-believe, you just have to do it, when it feels right or not so right"

If you need me today, I'll be right here - color coordinating my denim, plotting big parties, and planning outfits for Miami. I plan to seal the day with dinner somewhere new and a easy evening and a little bit of untimely make believe.

11 March 2007

It's time for an overhaul. I have been working hard to make sure the girl on the inside has all of her ducks in a row that I had forgotten that the girl on the outside needs some tending to as well (after all it's not only the clothes that make it the girl, it's the girl who makes the clothes). I had forgotten that make up, perfume, hair do's, nails, and what not are all (in a somewhat superficial way) are an extension of the sure footed, focused, confident, smart, witty woman I am on my way to becoming.

First stop on the one way flight to looking AND feeling good: Perfume.

I, like most, have my favorites. Scents that remind me of certain people, certain times, and evoke certain feelings.

The Classic: Chanel no. 5. I always feel invincibly chic and fashionable when I wear Chanel.

The Artist: Dali Flora by Salvador Dali. Dali is one of my most favorite artists and one of the great creative minds. I was so excited when I found that he and his camp produced an amazingly yummy scent in a very cool bottle.

The Nostalgic: Issey Mayaki. I wore this on my first date ever, to my first dance, my first day of college. It will forever remind me of being young and full of firsts.

The Au Courant: Prada Tendre. A new scent for Madam Prada and myslef.

All Available at Parfumerie Nasreen (in the Alexis Hotel 1005 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104). Nasreen and her Parfumerie have been at the Alexis since I can remember. She knows everthing abut everything perfume. After you indulge your nose, step over to the Bookstore Bistro, grab a Harpers Bazzar and sip on a cosmo.

09 March 2007

Spring has sprung - it's official - A few rain drops mixed with some sunny mornings. But the real deal sealer? Cherry Blossoms. Little pink blossoms that saturate the wet air with sweets smells! I am not a huge fan of pink, but there is something quite striking about just a little touch of the ultra feminine color every-once-and-a-while. I like little touches here and there. These are my favorite ways to wear pink:

Tokyo Bay Watch, $75.00, Burnt Sugar (601 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 545-0699)

Havaiana Flip Flop, $16.50, Urban Outfitters (401 Broadway E # 101, Seattle, 98102 - (206) 322-1800)

Patent Leather Headband $6.00, Nordstrom (500 Pine Street, Seattle, 98101-1744 - (206) 628-2111)

Honeydew Mesh and Gingham bra $20.00, BelleFleur (720 N. 35th Street Seattle, WA, 98103, (206)-545-0222)

08 March 2007

Hey Everyone. I am down here! A bit South of you attempting to shove my foot in the corporate door. I am smiling big and using proper grammar and coming off quite smart. Let's just hope no one catch's on that what I'd really like to be doing is moesying the streets of Santa Monica hoping to catch a glimpse of Tori Spelling and maybe come home with something fabulous for my closet.

07 March 2007

In elementary school, to celebrate the 100th day of school, we were asked to bring in 100 of something. Some kids brought 100 pennies, 100 noodles, 100 Hershey Kisses, 100 of this and 100 of that. We would build towers, estimate weights, stack, build, and eat our one-hundreds.

If it were 1988 and I was still sporting my Punky Brewster Reebok's and Jordache jeans, I would have packed my ESPRIT bag with 100 high fives, 100 hugs, 100 giggles, 100 morning runs, 100 daises, and 100 sincere "thank you's" and allow you to do what ever you wanted with them.

This is my 100th post. Thanks for being here mystery internet readers. I bet one of these day's, we'll be knee to knee and exchange (at least) 100 words.

06 March 2007

Today promises to reach 65 degrees. That is practically Bikini Weather in Seattle.

I, myself am not quite ready for a bikini (in Seattle). But, I do love this look. It's simple, smart and chic without being too trendy. Oh, and totally do-able in 65 degree weather.

Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeved Tee, $15.00, American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, 98102 - (206) 709-8100)

Paige Denim Jacket, $264.00, Nordstrom (500 Pine Street, Seattle, 98101-1744 - (206) 628-2111)

C and C California Leggings, $54.00, Sweetie, West Seattle (4508 California Ave S.W. Seattle, WA 98116, (206)-923-3533 )

Lanie Wedge, $195.00 Kenneth Cole (520 Pike St # 100, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 382-1680)

05 March 2007

I am in desperate need of a tan and some sunny weather. My esthetician (her name is Meagan, she is amazing, tell her I sent you) at Spa Del Lago (1929 43rd Ave E. Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98112View Map (206) 322-5246) scolds me for tanning. And I know that when I am 40, I will wish I would have "stayed out of the sun".

So in efforts to keep my skin from defying gravity in the latter part of my life - I have committed to a couple of things: spray tanning and body elixirs at Cepia Dermotique(2737 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 443-0100)

Cepia offers 3 different levels of Spray tanning ( Khoe, Bahama, and Jamaica). I would advise to go light, after all we are Seattleites and we all know the sun hasn't been out since August.

My favorite Body Elixir is the EHA.

eha | extreme hydration elixir™
a luxurious blend of moisture-rich ingredients including potent marine extracts feed the skin and restore moisture. protects from free radicals.

Each service is $25.00, however they are always running specials. This spray tan lasts longer and fades better then any other I have tried. Again, I warn, PLEASE be careful with your color choice. The girls at the salon are incredible at assessing which level is best for you. And, they are helpful in fixing "streaks" or "spots".

Happy and SAFE tanning!

02 March 2007

There are a few heavy pebbles weighing down my pockets. I can't quite seem to get them rallied into a one place, scoop them, sort them, and let them all go. So, for the time being, we will talk about the sorts of things we call do together around this city to get in shape and give back:

St. Patty's Day Dash: Go Here to sign up to help support ??? (I have no idea what this run supports. To be perfectly honest I go for the beer garden and giggles and costumes.

21st Annual Big Climb for Leukemia: Go Here to register. You can create a team with a group of people or just climb on your own. I see this as a perfect opportunity to give back and get your rear ready for bikini season. Oh, and how often are you in the Columbia Tower?

Multiple Sclerosis Walk: Go Here for more info on the walk and how your can participate.

The Pacific Northwest has the highest incidnece of MS then most anywhere else on earth

01 March 2007

It's March 1st and it's SNOWING. Oh dear Seattle, I am not quite sure what to do.

I am staging an anti winter protest right here in my own little world. I've gone ahead and filled my apartment with tulips from Buds and Fillers (and one bunch from My Dater), drudged up all my spring skirts and cardigans from my storage, slipped on my open toed wedges to make sure they are still acceptable. I am not sure what else to do but wait it out and shop for yellow.

My Favorites in Yellow (thus far) for Spring:

Orla Kiley Fare Catcher Tote $428.00; Anthropologie (2520 NE University Village, Seattle, 98105 - (206) 985-2101)

J-Crew Bermuda Short $48.00; J-Crew (600 Pine St, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 652-9788)

Forever 21 Flower and Halter Dress $27.50; Forever-21 (Forever21.com - I do not suggest braving the stores)

Flute and Bouquet Vase $14.99; Target (300 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, 98125 - (206) 494-0897)

Anna Sui Lip Gloss $18.00; Sephora (415 Pine Street, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 624-7003)