14 March 2007

Honestly, I am swamped. I have a something great to say about Wrap dresses and your character, but right now, I don't quite have enough time to say what I'd like to say with (ehem, my regular) charm.

So, for now, the VERY first and VERY last time you will see/hear/take note of Celeb gossip on this web site.

I'd like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to Tori, and Dean, and Liam Aaron. They are now a happy little family of four (including MiMi LaRu - her pug)*

*I am only half ashamed of my love for Tori Spelling. I loved her on Saved By the Bell and chanted along with the class of '95 "Donna Martin Graduates". I lauded her television virginity and respect her right to get her blow outs at Fantastic Sams. I am a Tori Fan.


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