12 March 2007

Last night and this morning got together and decided to leave a gift wrapped in a polka dot bow, filled with clarity and flirty notes persuading me to stay home today. They promised we could hold hands and cross some things off our list of things-to-do.

This morning on my way to a day with  myself I stopped in Essential for  a coffee and a monet and ran into a girl who I haven't giggled with since before we new cursive writing. This girl and I used to play "mermaids" together. We had extravagant plots of mermaids with sisters, boyfriends, vacations, unrequited love, absent parents and handfuls of everything we wanted as real life little girls. Together we remembered how we'd play this game of mermaid at the most inopportune time - on the soccer fields , in class, in the wee hours of the morning,

"We never pretended at the appropriate time," I said.
"There is never a appropriate time to make-believe, you just have to do it, when it feels right or not so right"

If you need me today, I'll be right here - color coordinating my denim, plotting big parties, and planning outfits for Miami. I plan to seal the day with dinner somewhere new and a easy evening and a little bit of untimely make believe.


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