07 March 2007

In elementary school, to celebrate the 100th day of school, we were asked to bring in 100 of something. Some kids brought 100 pennies, 100 noodles, 100 Hershey Kisses, 100 of this and 100 of that. We would build towers, estimate weights, stack, build, and eat our one-hundreds.

If it were 1988 and I was still sporting my Punky Brewster Reebok's and Jordache jeans, I would have packed my ESPRIT bag with 100 high fives, 100 hugs, 100 giggles, 100 morning runs, 100 daises, and 100 sincere "thank you's" and allow you to do what ever you wanted with them.

This is my 100th post. Thanks for being here mystery internet readers. I bet one of these day's, we'll be knee to knee and exchange (at least) 100 words.


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