11 March 2007

It's time for an overhaul. I have been working hard to make sure the girl on the inside has all of her ducks in a row that I had forgotten that the girl on the outside needs some tending to as well (after all it's not only the clothes that make it the girl, it's the girl who makes the clothes). I had forgotten that make up, perfume, hair do's, nails, and what not are all (in a somewhat superficial way) are an extension of the sure footed, focused, confident, smart, witty woman I am on my way to becoming.

First stop on the one way flight to looking AND feeling good: Perfume.

I, like most, have my favorites. Scents that remind me of certain people, certain times, and evoke certain feelings.

The Classic: Chanel no. 5. I always feel invincibly chic and fashionable when I wear Chanel.

The Artist: Dali Flora by Salvador Dali. Dali is one of my most favorite artists and one of the great creative minds. I was so excited when I found that he and his camp produced an amazingly yummy scent in a very cool bottle.

The Nostalgic: Issey Mayaki. I wore this on my first date ever, to my first dance, my first day of college. It will forever remind me of being young and full of firsts.

The Au Courant: Prada Tendre. A new scent for Madam Prada and myslef.

All Available at Parfumerie Nasreen (in the Alexis Hotel 1005 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104). Nasreen and her Parfumerie have been at the Alexis since I can remember. She knows everthing abut everything perfume. After you indulge your nose, step over to the Bookstore Bistro, grab a Harpers Bazzar and sip on a cosmo.


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