15 March 2007

To better understand the way your work, I create a design for your personality (most of you are some sort of opulent knot with loops and bows and complicated twists).. Your design usually begins with the first time I meet you - your color and pattern and other idiosyncrasies are worked in over our time together. That way when things aren't going as they should, I take your design, change the hue or the pattern or the structure just a bit, and I know exactly what direction to take to make things better. Why? I guess I have learned over the years, that most of the time, the way that I see things aren't always the way that they really are.

I love patterns and apparently so does everyone else. Patterns AND Wrap dresses have infiltrated my favorite shops and my closet. Wrap dresses have taken over fashion. And, for good reason. they look good on EVERYONE and with everything. I wear mine with skinny jeans and pumps; tall boots, flats; thights and leggings; I dress them up and down.

Here are some of my favorites:

BCBG Wrap Dress, $158.00, BCBG Pacific Place (600 Pine St # 115 Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 447-3400)

I love the capped, puff, sleeve on this one - sweet and sexy.

DVF Wrap Dress $325.00; Sway and Cake (1631 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 624-2699)

Max and Co Wrap Dress, $285.00, Undies and Outies in Queen Anne (2212 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle, Washington 98109, (206) 286 1024)

Old Navy Tunic, $24.00, Old Navy (601 Pine St, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 264-9341)

Tory Burch Wrap Dress, $320.00, Baby and Co (1936 1st Ave, Seattle, 98101 - (206) 448-4077)


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