16 March 2007

I received a text this morning that read "IT's a good day to be a rebel."

I totally agree. I hope you all are out and about, mid day drinking, shopping, giggling, and not responding to emails. I hope you are taking in, what seems to be, our very first day of real-life-spring-like weather.

I'm Working From Home with intermittent out-and-abouts for all sorts of non work related things. One of which included a sprint to American Apparel for new T's for my puppy.

American Apparel Dog T, $14.00, American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, 98102 - (206) 709-8100) - the Broadway location always seems to have more Dog T's than the University location

They come in super sweet color combos like: Fuchsia and Lemon, Maroon and Grass, Lemon and Lime, and 50 others!

Then my most favorite thing to do is to head over to B-Bam and have it customized with her name (Miss CoCo-Ling) or something witty and simply like "DOG" or "CUTE".

Oh, hey, almost forgot...

My Dater is playing this evening at The Blue Room @ Trinity. PLEASE don't let Pioneer Square scare you. There is a separate entrance, separate bar, and separate crowd that gathers in the Blue Room. I'd love to see any one of you on the dance floor - it promises to be a fantastic time!


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