27 September 2007

This Girl and I feel the same way about Seattle in the fall. There is something comforting about the leaves changing, the nip in the air and subtle calm of our city when the equinox falls. Just wait, there's a chance she and I will be ringing your doorbell and hiding behind the other side of the wall just to see the expression on your face when you open the door to a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

Dear Internet,
The way I am feeling now is a way I have never felt before . Even during all the past Octobersand that one unpleasant March - I've never quite felt so unlike me. In a way, I am standing atop a very high hill doing high kicks and hugging myself, because at least now, I know who this girl is. But worst part about this felling is that I am not quite sure how to tame it. I'm with out Words and The Worry is non existent. I am a stark white piece of paper but with out the prospect of something magical to come of me.


One really good thing? I did find a GREAT pair of fall time flats that will go with anything. There are a TOTAL knock off of the Tori Burch Reva Ballerina Flat. However, the pair I found are 11.99 (ELEVEN DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS!!). Ehem, you can't beat that.

Wanted Ballerina Flat, $11.99, Shoe Pavilion (select stores or @ shoepavilion.com)

23 September 2007

Is anyone else searching for blunt, sharp objects to  scratch their ultra dry skin? No? Just me?

It's time for CEPIA. You can (literally) be healed of all things dry with one 3 second spray in their moisture intense booth. OR you can buy the spay moisture in the can and do it yourself. Either way, I'll be there soon to get rid of this post-Ibiza-welcome-cooler-weather-good-bye-tan dry skin thing I have going on.

And, if you decide to stop by - Come knock on my door. I am taking visitors now. But, be prepared to chat fall fashion, b/c like most, I am a bit confused as to what to wear. Maybe it's my defunked state of mind, but I am having a tough getting a hold of what's happening for fall. Tucker Shirts? Love them, hate the price.

Really what I'd like to be doing is jotting down all these thoughts that are dancing foot-loose style in my head. But really I don't trust much of what I've been thinking lately. All these thoughts are a little too  emotional, a bit too honest, and more "too" than I can genuinely handle.

19 September 2007

Thanks to numerous calls and emails from my mom/sisters/family - thinking I was dead/suicidal - I thought it'd be time to post again. Sure there have been things to chat about (THREAD show being less than good, the foundation building back slowly and surely and with enormous amounts of love, my dater's 10 year high school reunion, fall in Seattle (the time of year where I slink through the streets grabbing at sorrel and scarlet leaves and knit them into chunky sweaters and warm sake secrets), pending financial freedom, and the ULTIMATE lack of wearable denim in the world (it's true, we may be back to wear prim and proper trousers, which as you know is fine with me), but I've been here, on my rooftop waiting all this out - hoping not to get too close to any of you before I've unfolded all the wrinkles in my spirit.

10 September 2007

I took a walk down First Ave a few day's ago and noticed there are a lot of fashionable things happening SOLL (south of Lusty Lady). I didn't catch any names or lines but I did see SALE and % signs in all sorts or whimsical shapes and sizes.

I'll be heading that direction this Sunday (I know! I have all sorts of things to do until then) with my camera and my pocketbook. And, I promise to return to you all with store names and my experience.

I did happen to notice a lovely display of peep toes and boots at Nuvo Moda (1307 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 684-6886). I sort of felt like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's - gazing in something really quite exceptional -  except I was standing next to a transient and wear last years People's Liberation and an anorak.

09 September 2007

In that rough and tumble reality check, my phone has also disconnected itself from functioning properly. so, if you're trying to ring or send me messages - please stop your efforts.

At this point a smoke signal or a high kick in neon leggings would be best.
A while back I spoke of worlds crashing. I talked about rebuilding happily a a few days later. And how that foundation I was rebuilding was brighter, stronger, and more desireable that the last. And, I'd been standing quite tall on that foundation for quite some time. And then, just as I got so sure footed, I was dacing blindfolded balançoire on the sharpest most unstable point for far too long. And when I stopped to see what had been going on around me I slipped and tumbled and took down every last bit of that foundation with me. And when I stood up, mother nature reached from her late summer slumber and tripped me, just to make sure I knew that this time, I need to rebuild slowly, surely, with brutal honesty and grace.

So, if you need me? I'll be here and there breathing in the last bits of Seattle Summer air and making deep eyecontact with strangers to see if maybe they may know the best way to begin my new construction. Because mostly, I am not sure where to begin.

06 September 2007

psssst. Good morning Seattle. It's me. I'm, we're back from Ibiza and a bit off on our time schedule. I'm wide awake and ready to spill it all at 5am. However, I'd like to make it really good, so I'll wait to tell you all about it later -  Because this trip/vacation/holiday was the best I've ever had. Ever. WE ate a lot, drank a lot, kissed a lot, danced a lot, sang, cuddled, sunbathed. All those incredibly boring things unless your a part of the action.

We came home to a Stunning Seattle with a fall nip in the air and I couldn't be more thrilled. I know this season calls for tailored this and well groomed that and I am ready for it. i plan to spice in a bit of the undeniably sexy looks I picked up on Ibiza.

In the mean time, nosh on these. We'll be compiling something more entertaining soon, I promise.

ps - I had my way with a Custo store in Ibiza Town.