28 April 2008

UMMMMMM... SORRY if you attended the trunk show at Last Waltz on Friday, because, it was REALLY on Saturday. Apparently there was misinformation sent THEN a correction sent. Guess who didn't get the correction? But guess who did get the most unique b-day gift for her party that evening - moi.

The is week is busy, really really really busy. Don't expect much from me for the next few days. However, I do expect a whole lot from you, because you seem like the type of people who don't get overwhelmed by things like work, love, and money. You all seem totally perfect and even keeled.

25 April 2008

I literally have not gone west of 1st Ave and South of Cherry in one week. I am the type of gal who finds her nitch and sticks with it (at least for awhile). There was a point in time when I lived with the DJ that I didn't leave a four block radius for one month.

Hence yet another post on Last Waltz. Cybele is having a Emily Baker/Clever Castle Trunk show. Pop by around 7 for yummy organic snacks and bevys. I have my eye on a bamboo shift dress with amazing detailing - so if you get there first, hide it in the corner for me. I promise to buy you a little treat for lending a hand.

Shift Dress w/ Detail by Elroy Apparel (price unknown), Last Waltz (1406 18th ave @ Union Street on S. Capitol Hill).

ps - May 9th is the first day of the Spring Sale, 40% off!

23 April 2008

Dear Friends,

I have literally started three blogs and have been unable to finish any one of them. My brain is tried and my conscience is burning a hole in my creativity. I haven't been out to see what our city has for sale since Thursday and have not left Madison Park for food since Saturday.

I've been in 5th gear since Friday and am looking forward to some talk time with my longest running friendship, fiddling with flowers for a friends wedding, celebrating my BFF's birthday and organizing my shoe closet.

It's time for new beginnings. Or maybe, better said, tapping into old internal resources that have been stagnant for awhile.

Some of you requested more pictures and less words (I know I have been full of up vowels and poor punctuation), if you knew me at all, you'd now the BEST way to get me NOT to do something is to suggest I do it. Ask my mom. It's took her a good 21 years to realize semantics is everything.

22 April 2008

From the witty and, ehem, apparently sexually active ladies at Daily Candy:

"The nonprofit company swears it doesn’t harm animals or use animal products in the making of its wetsuits. And they’re equally kind to humans, adding ribbing for extra enjoyment.

If that’s not enough, you’ll want them simply for their adorable pink wrapper with jaunty bubble lettering.

Because you always appreciate a perfect package."

Vegan Condoms, Available at Babeland (707 East Pike, 206.328.2924)

bow-chica-waaa-waa. Enjoy.

21 April 2008

I've packed and unpacked my belongings 6 times in almost two years. I've put in 4 change of address forms and had two and a half house warming parties.

Friends, I am so sick of moving. I'm tired of buying and selling my furniture. I am a bit sick with all the glass wear I have to wrap and unwrap so not to crack the one and only possession (besides my clothing) that have moved with me to each and every residence.

I am currently in my new home. And it really truly feels like home, the first place since I moved from my parents house 3,000 sunsets ago that feels like the place I've always ment to be. And besides the fact I am sleeping on a borrowed twin matress (yes, twin), have my clothes in piles on the floor and my shoes, and no furniture to call my own - I love it, truly.

I spent the latter half of the evening wielding my way through an old box of photos, knick knacks, and loose leaf papers from the summers spent in Europe wondering where the girl with the adventurous spirit had run off to...

so, if you need me, I'll be skipping about town posting WANTED signs with my mug boldly printed on them. I have a feeling one of you will be the proud recipient of the hefty reward sometime soon. Because that girl that's been buried in the box of photos, knick knacks and loose leaf papers is poorly hiding somewhere in our city. She is so so ready to be found.

18 April 2008

Dear Madison Park,

Thanks for being who you are. You haven't changed a bit. I did notice a nip and a tuck here and there - but honestly, I don't fault you, when it's my time to botox, I will.

Happy to be back where I was always should have been,

17 April 2008

The other evening someone asked me where I think Id be 10 years from now (Just after I swiped a hanger of spicy pork sandwich from my chin). And it took only a few deep breaths to realize that I am, finally, where I think I'd like to be for the rest of my life. Please note I am still striving to find the love of my life, start a family, and of course committing more time to my business - I'm living the sort of life I never quite realized I thought I'd like to live. So, I thought I'd map out for you, dear readers, what a day in my life tends to be. A day like today.

7:00am - wake up to this face:
and moving my arse up Magnolia hill (soon to be Madison Hill) for a walk.

8:00-9:00 - banter with my BFF2/Roommate about inane things like politics, boob jobs, sushi, socks, and work week responsibilities.

9:30 - Coffee and Almond Croissant from Essentail Baking Company on Madison.

10:00 - work (make believe; emotional coaching; giggles; songs; stories about sharing, creativity, confidence, love, and the world; lessons on nutrition, using the right words at the right time, and being the best person you can be.)

2:00pm - calling organization A and non-profit B learning more about what they need from you and me to make this city a better place.

3:00pm - cooking. creating food for people who love food; want to learn more about the creative nature of food; and love the way food can bring people together to create great conversation and unforgettable memories.

4:30 - attempt to make reservations at FAVORITE and BEST Happy Hour Spot in Bell Town for BFF's Birthday. Umi Sake House (go to the bar, say hi to Will and James, order a Happy Hour Hot Saki and a "Yeah Buddy") - you won't be disappointed.

5:00pm - more work. research on potty training, sleeping habits, emotional development, physical mental and emotional growth though experiencing the world around us.

6:00pm - Fitting for pro-bono sustainable garment fashion show at Girl Power Hour. Mingling with the who's who of the Seattle Fashion world and the Everyone Should Know folks of giving back in our city (all the while dancing around with a sweet and funny 3 year old dressed in a tu-tu).

Shopping in the newest and (as I see it) will-be-here-for-quite-some-time boutique in Down Town Seattle, The Finery. Shimming my way into Hugo Boss new less expensive denim line Orange Label and falling in love with Drykorn For Beautiful People Denim. Check out the Spring/Summer look book Push Denim. Rolling around in shoes Uncle Scrooge style wishing my pocketbook was as deep as my style wants.

Por La Victorie Zip Heel @ The Finery (1st Ave Seattle)

7:00pm - Sushi at Nijo Sushi (The West Edge's hidden treasure)

8:00pm- Work.

11:00 - After party for the Kanye West, N.E.R.D, and Rihanna show. Feeling too old to be anywhere after 10pm. Participated in a spontaneous victory march with a fleet of Mexico Soccer Fans.

Midnight - Coming home to roomie and practicing the soldier boy in sweat pants, because our living room is the only place we'd ever attempt the nearly impossible dance. Loving on my puppy.

12:30am - blogging.

And I guess what I am getting at is that after all this time, I've learned the (sort of) hard way that you should really, no matter what, do what you love. And when you fully commit to doing that thing, everything else that you think may not be possible will fall into place. And life will become what you've always wanted it to be, even if you haven't yet realized it's what you wanted.

16 April 2008

You gonna have to wait for the recap to come. Because I don't even have time to tell you how busy I am. Hang tight, Friday promises some good good reading.

hip-hop moguls and dolce and gabbana,

11 April 2008

A "to go" and Chicken Mole at The Saint + unplanned run in with your current crush + quality time with your boy BFF + four and a half OMG-hand-squeezed-so-tight moments with your BFF + backless cashmere spring sweaters from Club Monaco + the best night's sleep you've had in two weeks = what every single Thursday in the city should be like for the next three thousand Thursday's or so.

I think Cherry Blossoms that liter the streets in Madison Park have sweetened the entire city - because there is certainly something in the air.

10 April 2008

Even after all these years, I still want to lick Dave Matthews' tonsils. More to come on nostalgia, Dave Matthews and 1997 later.

For now? Please feel free to meet me at Canopy Blue in Madison Park. I'll be wrapping and unwrapping their new stock of DVF dresses. Maybe if we're there at the same time we can sit in the dressing room, underneath the chandelier, and read each other's palms. I'd really like to know what my future holds.

07 April 2008

Thanks for waiting....

A looooong time ago before Fremont was Fremont (the home of some of the most innovative boutiques in Seattle), BLISS Boutique was a lone lovely on the corner of Fremont and 34th. Soon to be followed by DREAM (a genetic miracle that was to become BLISS' more mature older sister). Neil and John created two shops that have withstood the indecisive world of fashion Seattle has become. Neil, my favorite shop owner in the city has had a creative bug up his sleeve and has decided to design some special pieces for the semi-committed-fashionista's that roam our streets. If you're looking for some clutch spring pieces (bold patterns, soft cotton t's, short as can be shift dresses and patent leather bags in every color of the the 1960's psychedelic rainbow), head to DREAM and look for their simple and inexpensive label and grab all that your checking account can handle. His designs are well cut, well thought out, and well under the price range of anything you'll find in TBD or SAVVY. And, you'll be one of the few sporting a unique design by one of Seattle's finest fashion-forward-fabulous-queens.

And, per usual, I hope to see you there. Maybe you can help be decide on a new piece of jewelry that looks the best with confidence and ambition.
I've got all sorts of inside scoop on shopping in Seattle. I had the chance to have coffee with a little bird who chirped glorious tunes about whats up next for our city. Stayed tuned till this evening, I promise you or your closet won't be disappointed.

Hope all you dolls had a great weekend.

04 April 2008

Oh! I forgot to mention! SEE Sound Lounge will be hosting all sorts of Fabulousness this evening.


I'll be somewhere hiding my toxic pores trying to kick my BBF's ass in Rummy.
"By Appointment or By Chance" is my motto this weekend. I've got a few things on my agenda that can not be missed, for life/death/sanity reasons. The others, I'll be (hopefully) making my way out, to lock knees with strangers in hopes of finding new and interesting people to learn. Please join me, there is always room for ALL of you.

Salon Dewi (1525 14th Ave, Seattle)

I'm detoxing here on Friday evening - Salon Dewi - I'll be baking in their 150 degree infrared sauna in hopes the last 4 weeks of red wine, kettle sevens, and Red Mill Burgers will seep out of every pore. Errr, maybe you shouldn't meet me at this one.

Julep Salon (5001 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

After that - Champagne (I know. I know) at Julep Salon. They let you drink and chat and get your nails did at the SAME TIME. It's casual, fun, and inexpensive.

Grey Gallery and Lounge

Any bar that is open 11am-2am DAILY is a friend of mine. Plus they are changing the way we hang out with art. Grey displays art from local, regional and national emerging artists and promotes experimentation and innovation - two of the three things that make our world go round (the other? Love)

Verite Coffee & Hitchcock (Both in the Madrona Neighborhood)

I've been a HUGE fan of laughing lately and it doesn't seem to take much to get it out of me these days. I also have been dining on CupCakes for breakfast and (last night) for dinner. Stop in to Verite Coffee House (1101 34th Ave, in Madrona), snag a Carrot Cake Cup Cake and take in Folks and Llamas by Anna Wetzel (eclectic sketches of folks you'd see in and around Seattle with Llamas atop their heads). While you're in the Neighborhood, hang a left down to Hitchcock (1406 34th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122), stop by to see super unique jewelry from local designers and story-filled items from shop owners travels (I once walked away with a Swarovski Crystal and olive-colored glass ring she picked up at a market in Venice while on her honeymoon!). I've got my eye on the grey patent leather hand bag in the window.

Hazlewood (2311 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107)

Hazlewood, for a peep show. The upstairs lends itself to making out and giggling while you watch the DJ groove to whatever eclectic mix She's playing. Make sure you look through the peep show window. If you like (or have) boobs, a mustache, and a sense of humor, I promise you won't be disappointed.

I'll be available for Chance all weekend long.

03 April 2008

If you are anything like my BFF you love a comfy and fashionable hoodie and you wear it with unbridled class to any occasion. One of her favorite lines is Gentle Fawn. She swears that our fair city to the south (Portland) is the only place to find this sweet and thoughtful line, until I discovered, Lemon Meringue.

I just got an email informing me of the new spring lines that are in. You should go sometime this weekend, maybe we can rub elbows and wiggle into Wallingford for a cup of tea and a scone.

Gentle Fawn Hoodie, Lemon Meringue Boutique (7720 Greenwood Avenue North, Suite #101, Seattle, WA, 98103)

More Gentle Fawn

Ps- Be sure to ask the girls behind the counter about the black and white photos on the wall. It'll make you want to leave all your belongings behind and head down to Costa Rica and forget it all with a bottle of tequila and a live band.

01 April 2008

If there's one thing that'll snap a girl right out of it, it's a beer garden with her BFF and a rousing round of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", squirmy bus rides and sharing cabs with strangers who think you're funny; boy's with S. African accents and a Bad Boy Roll from Umi.

I've got a promise of a busy week and a weekend somewhere other than our city. I'm cleaning out the rest of my Winter Wardrobe and gearing up to move back to my favorite neighborhood in Our City. I'm hoping with a bit more of this sunshine and face to face conversations with new people in my life, things will be feeling more like me soon!
Please excuse my absence. My Words have been on an unsolicited vacation. Over the past few days I've been louring them back into my brain and they are almost ready to come out in public again...

Sometimes people come into our lives in the strangest ways. We meet through mutual friends, or by nudging up against a bar together. We meet on bad double dates and in the grocery store. And the funny thing about these people is we never know how or if they may change our lives. It’s the risk we take as people to take one step ahead of the other. Theres a chance that step will lead us to love, heartbreak, friendship, or a deep deep connection that is seemingly inexplicable. Three hundred and sixty five moons ago I took a few steps and came across a girl who burrowed her way into my heart planted a garden of compassion, honesty, and commitment. And several twilights ago, when tears had stained my face for far to long, she was able to write what was in my heart. Because, My words had been on a vacation for quite some time. And she knew that I needed all the worry in my heart to go, go for good and the only way to get rid of the worry is with words. So, she kindly let me borrow hers.

A conflict of unwanted emotions
I want to feel the pain
Do I have to entertain society
How do you deal with the day

This lonely night brings me solace
And I escape an empty place
Tangled thoughts surround me
How do I begin to embrace

The darkness is my silence
That I could not grasp today
Why do I tread forward
When knowingly I will sway

As the light awakens others
And we close the blinding shades
I hide amongst the shadows
I am not worthy of your praise