23 May 2008

i love memorial day weekend. Why? everyone else is out and about searching for the sun and I'm giving Seattle some good one on one lovin'. Even though I don't plan on being in the city much, I wont be too far out of the 206.

I've got nothing and everything planned. Things like Movies with my mom, outlet mall shopping with sister and her baby, baking, painting, puppy cuddling, coffee with people who know me as Mandy, Mariner's, and time in hiding.

In the past 48 hours or so, I've been totally over exposed. I'm needing some time where no one knows my name or MO. I've got my head hung in my hands over a few things I that I just can't control and theres nothing I dislike more than not being able to fix things.

So instead? I'll be asking mother nature to keep right with her promise of "good things to come" and I'll be milling about in quiet corners until I see some progress .


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