19 May 2008

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with food.

For quite some time, I've fancied the entertaining and all that comes with it - the menu, the invites, the reactions, the clean-up, and the thank you cards. But for some time, I've been moving and moving and moving which doesn't lend itself to much entertaining.

With summer tugging at my skirt hem, I'm feeling more excited to have you and you and you way out there over for some food, drink, and conversation. And even tho the dining table hasn't arrived and the pots and pans are still in a hap-hazard pyramid in the broom closet I've got a hanking to entertain.

I'm excited to hear your most memorable recipe, drink mix, or memory of food. And, as I can remember from a several thousand sunsets ago - family, friendship and love is created across the dinner table (err, or over a toast).

What I might try to do here is fill you all in on what's new and savvy and (of course) hip with the world of urban entertainment. I don't know much about it, the rules or the guidelines, but I have to think that with a little heart, soul and practice I'll be able to show you a pretty good time.

For the first installment (surprise surprise) a drink recipe.

'The Donna Martin'
this is a adaptation of a shot created by my BFF and I many moons ago when we wanted to leave an impression on the cute bar tender.

Souther Comfort, 100 proof
Sparkling Lemonade (I prefer Santa Cruz Organic, It's just sweet enough).
1 Lime, thinly sliced
1/2 c. Sugar.

In a 12 oz decanter mix 8 oz of severely chilled Souther Comfort. Add 4 Oz of Sparkling Leomonade. Stir until swirly.
Wet rim of highball glass with Souther Comfort and drudge in sugar. Pour 2 oz of mixture into glass. Float one lime slice in the top of the glass. Serve extremely cold.

I love to present these in mismatched vintage glass wear.


Blogger Brooke said...

You and I need to sit across from each other, surrounded by too much stemware, adorned in matching aprons, holding hands (both) and communicating only via laughter. I learned today, over the phone, that laughter doesn't have a foreign accent. *syncing blackberries now*

7:50 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

laughter is the BEST form of communication - esp when surrounded by too much stemware and dirty table cloths.

I am sure we have a few memories to create...

3:12 PM  

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