18 January 2007

I mentioned awhile back that I wasn't quite sure what I wanted this little space to contain. I have written a bit on Politics, Love, StoryTelling, Fashion, and (some) Food. I have left out family, work   (long ago, This Lady, taught me to keep shut about work), and my love life.  But to be honest, the few things I promised not to go into detail about  are the nuances tugging on my pant leg and the celebrations I'd like to shout from Marshall Park.  

I'd really like to tell you all about it. If you're interested, you'll have to stop me on the street. I promise we can take the time to sit knee to knee at an obscure bar as we peel back the labels of our hefeweizen. You tell me your secrets and I'll tell you mine. Fair?

instead, it's an evening of philanthropic planning and red wine. Some self reflection and shoe organization. I find these times -  where it's just me -  living with me, thinking of me,dealing with me - this girl who I was very very worried about being - are some of my most favorites. A few months ago we lured her out of old Letters and Doodles. And since then, its pretty safe to say that she and I have been bygones


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