03 June 2008

I’ve got birthday on my mind. In the next few sunsets I’ve got a few to attend including (da-da-da-daaaa!) my own. I snagged my B-day frock a week and a half ago and plan on following the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” mantra to ring in 28.

My ensemble? I’m keeping it a bit secret. But, in case you’re interested in playing along - I’d suggest you bare some leg and accessorize with a smile and meet me at Umi on June 13th.

Something New

Metallic Tank Dress, Old Navy (Down Town Seattle), $29.50

Ruffle Hem Dress, Old Navy (Down Town Seattle), $29.50

Something Old

I snagged my signature piece here: http://rhinestonerosie.com/

Something Borrowed

I'll be plucking a few orchids from a friends green house to cascade in my hair.

Something Blue

Honeydew Boy Short @ Bellefleur (720 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103), 13.00

Mary Green Hip Hugger Boy Short @ Bellefleur (720 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103), 20.50

It’s been one year and a few days since I let out that stagnant breath . It hasn’t been until recently that it’s been safe to step back into the space where I exhaled. Minus a few special days here and there, the air floating around my head since that exhale hasn’t been for the weak of heart. The good thing about a year and a half? It eventually ends and the next part of that year starts. And the air clears. And things feel normal again.

I’m waiting on Cocos bday photos from my incredibly gorgeous, new-mother-of-a-sister. My digital card was full up of photos of people over the age of 27 dancing in the basement of The Alibi Room to late 90’s rap, blowing on whistles, and wearing mustaches. Stay tuned.


Anonymous jordana said...

Happy Happy Birthday week!! Wishing you many hugs and tequila shots ;)



10:04 AM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Oh! thanks Jo! You know how much I like my tequila...er...I'm mean hugs.


1:57 PM  

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