24 February 2008

So... what do you do when you've been explaining The Croup and apologizing endlessly for your barking cough and sweaty upper lip from your fever that you can't seem to shake?

Buy a pair of Midnight Blue Rich and Skinny Sleek Denim from Olivine at a severely discounted price.

Rich and Skinny Sleek in Midnight, (on sale) $58.00 @ Olivine (5344 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107).

The ladies at Olivine promised me that the girls whom purchased these jeans at the FULL price come in on a regular basis and THANK them profusely for housing the most fantastic pair of denim to ever grace their arses. As soon as I wear them out, I'll let you know if I'm equally as thankful.

Also, after all that (The Croup, the night of feverish dreams, the Midnight Skinny Legged Denim), I highly suggest a walk through the Ballard Market with your BFF, your puppy and a pocket full of giggles. It's the new cure for the common Croup.

Seattle, I think Spring has Sprung and I plan on riding its coattails until summer comes a-knocking.


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