11 February 2008

It turns out I didn't do any of the aforementioned plans this weekend. Well, sort of. I met a group of lovely people at Tavolota instead of Txori. I giggled with a bevy of Barney-Clad-Fashionistas and watched as the weirdest parts of our city were exposed on the dance floor instead of taking in some Far East Dance Music with you kids on the Hill.

I was inspired and loved-on via people watching, blog reading, song lyrics, and smoke signals.

I was a puppy free dog lady this weekend which meant that I had time to get stuff done - like brining toilet paper from the storage unit, cleaning my bathroom, and re arranging my unmentionable drawer with out CoCo playing tug-o-war with my Cosabella's.

I'm looking forward to time moving along quickly. I remember when an hour seemed like an unreasonable eternity. I've been asking Mother Nature to move things along as fast as possible so I can get to where I'm going because I know here, isn't where I'm supposed to be.


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