08 February 2008

Because my bones weren't meant for cold weather and we caucus this weekend, I decided to keep my waify arse off the mountain and participate in The Kuhlman Sale.

"Kuhlman is pleased to present Limb from Limb, new works from Heather Ribeca.

We're having an opening reception on Friday, February 8th from 7:30 til 9:30 pm at Kuhlman.
In addition to refreshments, we'll be giving 10% off full price merchandise and all Fall and Winter merchandise will be up to 75% off.
Hope to see you there.

The Kuhlman Crew"

Hopefully both Scott (the genius) and Ruby (the funny funny puppy) will be too! I'll be hand to leash with CoCo scooping up as many super sale items that will fit in my night time clutch. Because then? I'm off to Txori* for dinner and home for a cuddle with CoCo and dreams of the next few weeks of flirting, decorating, and hand holding.

A while ago someone once described my nature like little pin pricks to a water balloon. And if that part of my personality continued to poke near the same sensitive spot the balloon would eventually spring a waterfall of a leak. All that stale water that he'd been holding in eventually ran heavy over the last few months of 2007. Although I'm completely dry from head to toe, I still have a lingering cold from staying wet for too long. I'll be here and there this weekend hopefully bumping into a few of you and asking for your best home remedy - because as of now, I a bit tired of feeling less than me.

*I do know as much not to wear something you don't want to take to the cleaners immediately - you walk out smelling like sauteed sea bass.


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