01 February 2008

I'm off to PROM at the Ballard Elks club. My outfit mirrors Kelly Taylor (90210) circa her Junior year. My date has braces and a sea foam green tux.

Sometimes I wonder if my mom is truly proud of me. Because I sort of wonder how on earth she can brag about a daughter who kicked her 401-K aside to pretend to be an elephant and swim in creativity and people under 2 feet tall all day long. A girl who prefers dancing with her hairless dog than at weddings. A girl who prides herself in knowing more about denim than the bible. I sort of wonder what she says when I send her photos of a charity scavenger hunt of myself and 10 others scantly clad in 80's rock gear straddling the PIG in Pike Place Market. She's gotta be proud, right? At the very least she smiles.


Anonymous Becky said...

I'm sure she's prouder than you'll ever know. xx

4:58 PM  

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