18 February 2008

A pocket full of years ago, if you had asked me what I thought about "things happening for a reason", I would've invited you into my secret garden. I would've led you hand and hand to the very edge, though all the cherry blossoms and swirling baby ferns and climbed atop a barbed wire fence. I would've sat atop the uncomfortable fencline and showed you that I wasn't quite sure what I though. And there's a good chance I would've shimmied myself to whatever side you decided to stand on and strung together a bundle of hydrangeas to show you that I really meant it.

And, now, I am a firm believer that, "things do happen for a reason". There's a reason we say "yes" to a date and "no" to a night in. There's a reason we take a chance on love again even though it doesn't feel right. There's a reason we go for the $300.00 hand bag instead of the 5$0.00 knock off. And there's a reason we wake up and keep going even though we firmly believe it's not worth it. Because in the quietest part of our soul we believe moving forward will matter.

A couple of hundred days ago, my sister decided that indeed, "things happened for a reason". And she took a chance on love again. On life as a mother and a wife and a provider. And because she had decided that this person came into her life for a reason, she said yes to marriage, yes to a blended family, yes to raising another baby.

At some point this evening, her belief that "things happen for a reason" will be manifested into a real life person. A person who will tie a family of 6 together and make them whole. A person who will change the lives of every person he smiles at. A person who will make an impact on these lives far beyond he will ever understand.

At some point today, little Jeffery-Thomas will make his way into our crazy, loving, some-times-too-much-to-handle family and our lives will never be the same. And my goal? Is to let him learn, all on his own that indeed, "things happen for a reason". And he's proof of that.


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