14 February 2008

I've got three day old prosciutto sitting in my car. The Deli sliced it so thick you could actually use it to press flowers which makes it totally uneatable, and therefore needs to be returned and re-sliced. So, if you're wondering why there are no pictures of lovely Lonely Hearts Lingerie, sweet tasting and colorful Hot Lips Lip Gloss, a link to Essential Bakery's Homepage where you can drool over their perfectly iced chocolate wonders - its because that request I made to Mother Nature about time, she totally heard. And I think she's trimming hours off of each day, just to fuck with me. I recommend all of the above for Valentine's Day along with hand holding, soft kisses, and sweet four letter words. So if YOU'VE got the time to Google and search, please do so, and ENJOY for me too.

Love, Love, Love,


Blogger Kid Domino said...

For today...DAFT...the Scottish

5:02 PM  

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