21 February 2008

Hey Seattle, I've got Croup. It's part of the down side to my job. I'm changing lives, but I'm also inhaling germs that are meant for kids who eat things like dirt and boogers. Croup is not meant for anyone over the age of 3. I've got that beat by 24 years.

However afflicted with The Croup, I haven't been held down by erratic coughing and a fever spells. What I have been doing is fulfilling my commitments guarding the rest of the city from my germs with my new spring jacket.

The Pine IV Korusetto Jacket*. I got mine at DREAM, they'll have them at Kuhlmans, and I think there are still a few left on the shelf at HipZypher.

There is a lot to talk about. I've got a new spring theme all planned out, GBNB is out in full force with new volunteer opps, GPH was a raging success and managed to spread the word about GBNB like wild fire, and we've got some amazing denim to discuss. Let's reconvene when the infant germs have left my system.

* I gave up on searching for a photo as my eyes throbbing. sorry.


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