16 June 2008

There is an extreme amount of caching up to do. I've got photos to post, new information about what sorts of shorts we all should be wearing now, thank you cards to send, and a base tan to work on.

My favorite guy is in town and we've got a serious amount of hand holding and catching up to do. It's likely we'll be in The Park or strolling somewhere on the Waterfront. You should hop on The Duck or move your feet quickly to meet us. He's got the best stories and loves an audience. And I'd like to see you!

For all of you who attended the ringing in of 28 - Thank you. From the deepest part of my heart. There's nothing to make a girl feel like it really will be the best year of her life, like tried and true friends who allow her to nearly squeeze the life out of them, bark orders about how to use chop sticks and then allow her to rap out loud to 50 cent - more than once. Really, thanks guys!

I'll have pictures later, promise. And, at some point that list (You thought I forgot didn't you!), because it really will change your life.


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