20 November 2008

It's not often I get out of Madison Park before noon. However, this morning I had to drop my car off at Fat City (508 Denny Way) (with Lance, the most trustworthy, thorough and well dressed mechanic in the City). And, now, I am on my way to the King County Court house to mend my irresponsible ways of driving and owning a vehicle. In midst of all this muck, I have discovered a lovely little cafe smooched between Taco Del Mar and Sublime on Cedar called Tilikum Place Cafe. I don't know a darn thing about this lovely little space except they make excellent orange and candied ginger scones (melting in my mouth now) and a literally perfect americano. Whatever Soy milk they use is the kind I am sure they sever in Heaven.

Tilikum Place Cafe serves early coffee and (baked fresh every morning) pastries from 7am-10am. Breakfast/Lunch from 10am-3pm, Happy Hour 4-6, and Dinner from 4-10pm.

Tilikum Place cafe makes Seattle seem like a real "big city". It's the kind of place you happen upon in New York while making your way to or from somewhere. I just suggest you come here.


Anonymous Becky said...

I believe Tilikum Place is new... opened in October I think. Was wanting to check it out. Thanks for the review Mae!

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

P.S. the lovely peeps involved are all Palace Kitchen alums... :)

1:45 PM  

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