16 November 2008

It's fair to say that I'm a bit of a fibber. I promised a blog about a week ago. And, well, there wasn't anything of any sort of interest to read here. The worst thing about all of this "lack of blogging" is that out here in the blog-o-sphere is that people are writing all sorts of fantastically lovely things like "That One Tuesday"", food, fashion and all the sorts of things people are interested in reading on the internet.

And me? I've been driving to and from clients homes and my house and his house and probably your house too. And, on all my "to's" and "from's" I've been composing witty prose and poetic detailed descriptions of my everyday happenings to blog about "when I have a chance". And it turns out, when "I have a chance", my chance ends up leading me to dark corners with vodka in hand or nestled quietly between my sheets with Septembers Vogue in hand (I am severely behind!)

What I've been up to has not much to do with food or fashion. But I have been aiding and encouraging friends to pursue lost love, discovering New Places on Capitol Hill where people are encouraged to be anonymous, and crossing my fingers that sooner rather than later, life fulfills all of it's promises.

If you need me, I'll be hunkered down somewhere dark with both fingers crossed behind my back.


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