30 June 2008


Anyone out there?

I was fairly certain you wouldn't be. I've been gone and I didn't even leave a note to say when I'd be back. I can understand if you need some time to forgive and (keeping my fingers crossed) forget.

I ran away around the same time last year to spend time with my pup, hock my possessions on Craig's List, and down size my closet. This time? I've been sitting atop a high spot in Bell Town taking in the city and learning new ways. Picking private dinners with few over trudging through the streets with a few too many. I've been shopping at all my old but favorite hide-aways where people know my name and size and set things aside they think I "Must Have". CoCo's been re-exploring the sculpture park and rekindling lost friendships with security guards and pups.

And now, like before, I'm back.

So, tonight, please join me for a plate of cold noodles, a lychee sake martini, broads in bikinis in urban settings, and a movie.


Anonymous b said...

Sounds like a grand time... wish I would have gotten the message sooner. :( See you soon hun. xx

9:13 PM  

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